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Texture being stretched horizontally in Cinema 4D
Texture being stretched horizontally in Cinema 4D
by Ben Thorndycraft on Nov 5, 2019 at 9:31:14 am

I have a Poliigon Texture Demo c4d file. The file included a sphere with a texture which renders correctly (bottom sphere in image). However when I create a sphere (top sphere in image), convert it to a polygonal object and apply the same texture it is being stretched horizontally (or squashed vertically).

I can fix this by changing the "Length U" setting to 50% in the Texture Tag but I notice that the sphere below does not need this modification so I was wondering how to convert the top sphere to a polygonal object the same way the bottom sphere is.

I have included a screengrab. The only notable difference is that the sphere below has additional diagonal division.
I am quite new to 3D so hope this all makes sense.