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R21 Mac Constantly Crashing
R21 Mac Constantly Crashing
by Kyle Madison on Oct 25, 2019 at 4:17:29 pm

I've had R21 running smoothly on Catalina for two weeks now. However, yesterday it started crashing randomly and regularly - five or six times. I haven't added any plugins. I restarted my system, hoping there might be something running that was bothering C4D. Didn't help. These are catastrophic crashes that require me to force quit the app after it's told me it's generating a bug report and saving all unsaved data. It does make the report, but it doesn't save my files. Anyone else dealign with this? It's really strange considering how sudden it is after a long run of complete stability.

Re: R21 Mac Constantly Crashing
by Jim Scott on Oct 25, 2019 at 6:32:18 pm

Just a guess, but perhaps it's an issue with using non-64 bit plugins with Catalina. I wouldn't think that they would load if they were incompatible, but maybe they do and cause crashes when trying to apply them.

Re: R21 Mac Constantly Crashing
by Sam Treadway on Oct 26, 2019 at 2:18:14 am

1. Try starting C4D from the unix executable directly and keep an eye on the terminal output.
Look for any error messages during initial startup and look at the last lines before the crash.
"/Applications/Cinema 4D R21/Cinema 4D"

2. If the freezes/crashes occur after a while while a particular project file is open, then start a clean scene and merge that project into it and save off a new version.

3. If it still crashes with a specific scene file after attempting #2 then try copying and pasting all the objects and materials from the scene to a fresh one and save the new file.

4. If this happens at random while any scene is loaded keep track of what tools you are using (screen record if necessary) and see if there is anything in common. It could be a single tool?

5. Move or rename your C4D preferences folder. A New one will be created on the next startup with fresh preferences.
Drop your plugins and script into the fresh profile and see how it runs after a while. It could be a corrupt preference.

6. To check if any other app running in the background are interfering: Create a new user profile on your Mac, log out of your current profile completely, and log into it. Start C4D without any other apps running and see what happens.

Re: R21 Mac Constantly Crashing
by Kyle Madison on Oct 30, 2019 at 3:29:15 pm

Thanks for the tips. I was not experiencing it with any particular file nor did I have any plugins installed. The crash was happening often while I was saving or when switching back to the app from another app or just randomly.

I deleted the preference folder and after a day and a half, knock on wood, everything's returned to normal. Who knows what corrupted the settings that would have made the app fail like that. Maybe it was a cosmic particle.

Re: R21 Mac Constantly Crashing
by Kyle Madison on Oct 31, 2019 at 9:02:16 pm

Update. The crashing is continuing. I deleted the preferences again and it's stopped again for the mean time. Again, the app seems to crash when being switched to from, say, safari.