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C4DR21 texture stick to MoGraph object
C4DR21 texture stick to MoGraph object
by Milan Marecek on Oct 15, 2019 at 12:51:53 pm

this might be a silly question but how would I stick texture to MoGraph object so I can, for example, rotate those with texture "baked" to each individual object?
I've got a texture with 30x20 tile of different people so I've created mograph with 30x20 cubes but the texture is still kind of "projected" to it. I was experimenting with camera projection, flat projection and baking to UV and also with Pin material tag but no luck so far. Also, this is something I believe basic so there should be easy solution for this.
See my project here:

If somebody would adjust it to fit the needs, that would be great!


Re: C4DR21 texture stick to MoGraph object
by Sam Treadway on Oct 16, 2019 at 2:51:41 am

Move the texture tag from the cube to the cloner and switch the projection in the texture tag form camera map to flat.
Then in the Cloner's attributes, on the Object tab, change the "Fix Texture" attribute to "straight".

If you only want the images to appear on the front faces of the cubes then make the cube editable, select the front face in polygon mode and make a selection tag. With the texture tag on the cloner selected, drag the new selection tag to the "Selection" field in the texture tag's attributes.

This is the simplest method based on the C4D file and texture you provided but there are several other ways depending on your setup.
For instance, if all the face images were individual image files then you could use a MoGraph MultiShader in the material and pull all the images in from a folder. Then randomize their clone attachment with a shader.

Re: C4DR21 texture stick to MoGraph object
by Milan Marecek on Oct 16, 2019 at 6:23:25 am

Wonderful. I;ve comp;letelly missed the fact that cloner has a fix tag ability. Perfect. Thanks!