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Can anyone explain multipasses using prorender?
Can anyone explain multipasses using prorender?
by David Cabestany on Aug 29, 2019 at 5:08:22 pm

I'm trying to render a couple of different colors in order to select objects in photoshop easier and I already tried rendering with object ID and with object group ID enabled, I made sure that Render multi passes is checked on and that I'm rendering to a psd multi-layered file, but when I open the files on photoshop they are flat and there are no additional channels.

Edit: Forgot to mention, When I start the new render a warning appears that the already existing file will be overwritten but it never is, I don't know where the new file is created but the previous one still has the time stamp from the first version and none of the revisions (which are the object id thing).

What am I missing to be able to output color passes for selection purposes in photoshop?

Thanks in advance.