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ProRender HDRI gamma weirdness
ProRender HDRI gamma weirdness
by Sam Hains on Aug 9, 2019 at 12:55:55 am

Weird... it seems that HDRI lighting is causing super brightness in the picture viewer/disk render but not in the viewport render???

Reproduce the issue:

1. Place a camera, light, cube and a sky in the scene.
2. turn on prorender as your renderer
3. render the scene in your viewport using ProRender->StartProRender
4. render the scene to your picture viewport

The picture viewer render is considerably brighter than the viewport render. By enabling a filter I can see it is about 0.5 gamma difference across them.

Why is this happening? It seems like this is not an issue when I use normal lighting/not HDRI sky.

THanks :)