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How to add 2d animatons in to your 3d comp
How to add 2d animatons in to your 3d comp
by Jonathan Scholte on Aug 13, 2018 at 4:51:24 pm


I'm trying to create an animation kinda like this:
What is the best way to add the 2d elements as seen in this animation?

i've tried cineware but 2d objects go out of place.

Re: How to add 2d animatons in to your 3d comp
by Emir Bojorquez on Aug 14, 2018 at 2:41:26 am

A good way to do that is to render your scene with "object buffers" and some Null objects with External compositing tags, then, using AE you could change the Null Objects for some 2D Elements, and the object buffers to blend them together. Another option is using Plugins like Videocopilot Element 3D for AE.

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Re: How to add 2d animatons in to your 3d comp
by Steve Bentley on Aug 14, 2018 at 4:52:33 pm

Or you can go the other way - animate your 2D character in AE with the puppet tool or DUIK or (there's another one but it escapes me at the moment). Render those out as animations with alphas and then bring them into C4D in materials on flat "cards". You can shift the prerendered animations in time inside the materials animation tab (its a little counter intuitive but give us a shout if you get lost), and now you can see them animate in the preview window.
Then you can stay in your 3D world where you have the most flexibility.

While AE can talk to C4D and render the C4D stuff inside AE along side all the 2.5 elements in your layer stack, and while Element 3D could do this too, I always feel a little handcuffed in this mode. You don't have the classic 4 views in AE that you do in C4D, so positioning things is clunky, double that for Element3D as you are inside yet another interface (yes you can view things from different angles in AE but there are limitations: you can't see beyond the frame edge without scrolling over, and if stuff gets too far from the ortho camera it doesn't show up and axis disappear).

I have also found (and this may be complexity of objects) that the render engine in C4D is much faster than letting AE shepherd the C4D renders through Cineware. Plus, rendering in C4D, you get to use 3rd party renderers like Octane or Maxwell or Cycles. Keep in mind that when rendering C4D stuff in AE you technically have two apps open and both are ram hogs, so if the scene is heavy there can be more drive caching going on that would be needed if you rendered one at a time

You can set up dummy objects (like the buildings in your example) that are simple AE native things or imports of the geometry from C4D as place holders so you know where stuff is while you are animating your characters.

Re: How to add 2d animatons in to your 3d comp
by Jonathan Scholte on Aug 14, 2018 at 7:06:04 pm

Hmm interesting. Thank you for you help. definitely not as easy as i tought, but I'm thinking about adding the still elements as planes with alpha channel. Then for the character animations i'm gonna use cineware, is not that long of an animation so it should be doable. Thanks