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New tutorials, sketch shading, sky shading, architecture
New tutorials, sketch shading, sky shading, architecture
by Matthew ONeill on Jun 6, 2018 at 11:40:34 am

Today's first video covers how to use the various shading systems such as the art shader, spots and hatch.

Part 1, Lines:
Part 2, Shading:

The second video is a short 12 minute piece from my new Modern Exteriors tutorial. In this video we go over how to set up your own sky gradient manually. Great for anyone that has been struggling with getting the physical sky object to play ball

Sky Gradients:

And finally is the larger video I have been working on for the past month. Cinema 4D R19 Modern Exterior Architecture. This is a 6 hour video collection which covers how to take a typical dull CAD file and transform it into a pretty snazzy looking render. It straddles the line between realism and still maintaining a certain illustrated look. You will need at least R16 due to the use of reflectance and light mapping.
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I'm keen as ever to hear any feedback, what you think of the videos, what you'd like to see next etc.