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Vr 360 pano in 3D (side by side?)
Vr 360 pano in 3D (side by side?)
by Brian Murphy on Apr 6, 2017 at 6:27:38 pm

Hey gang,

I've gone through the HELP filesfor C4D and I can't seem to nail down a production flow for getting a pano still of my scene in a VR format. The kicker is that I need it in 3D so whether that would be a side by side render or top over bottom...I'm not sure...the question is how to set this up.

Anyone have experience with this and are you able to either list out steps in how to set this up -OR- point me in the direction of a clear tutorial (without scripts)?

Many thanks!

Re: Vr 360 pano in 3D (side by side?)
by Will Barber on Nov 12, 2019 at 3:34:37 pm

Hi Brian,

Did you figure this issue out or receive any help with it in the end?

I need the same kind of thing, but can't figure out how to make objects look 3D as you pan around.


Re: Vr 360 pano in 3D (side by side?)
by Brian Murphy on Nov 12, 2019 at 6:55:03 pm

Hi Will, as I recall, I had to abandon this project as I was unable to figure it out and as you can see from the responses, no one else seemed to be working with in the VR realm. Hopefully somebody can chime in if this thread is refreshed, I think VR has become a lot more mainstream in the past couple years.

Re: Vr 360 pano in 3D (side by side?)
by Will Barber on Nov 13, 2019 at 12:04:54 pm

Thanks for the quick response Brian. Still seems there is minimal info on how to do this for cinema 4D unless you use a 3rd party plugin or export to a web based programme. I think it's a Unity job so might go down that line.

The thing that I need doing is like how you see a property walkthrough where you're stood inside a 360 still and move from 1 hotspot to another within a 3D model, but the movement to each of those hotspots gives the user an illusion of the space/objects around you being 3D, incase you've seen the Matterport Pro camera? I want to replicate that somehow. Appears it's only available to folks taking photos!

Maybe someone will pick up the thread where we left off 😉