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basic forms in 3ds max not working
basic forms in 3ds max not working
by david rocha on Jul 29, 2011 at 6:43:56 pm

Hi, i have this little issue making a basic 3d form in 3ds max.

When creating a box, normally vertical and horizontal subdivisions appear on each face of the box, so later you can increase or decrease x,y and z subdivisions right?

well, when i create a box this divisions don´t appear vertically and horizontally, instead they appear diagonally. I mean, each face of the cube has an "x" or a "/" instead of a "#" as a division. I wonder if there´s a preset or something where you can change that mode cause it won´t just happen in cubes, it also happens in every shape i create (planes, triangles, spheres...)

i hope i made myself clear. thanks.