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Demoreel Legality
Demoreel Legality
by Adam Roy on Aug 31, 2012 at 8:28:19 pm

I've had to create a demoreel for a job that's been offered locally, with a much bigger company. The pay is outrageous.

The issue lies in the legality of using clips from projects I've professionally produced with my existing job.

I see professional demoreels all the time, and I suspect that no one making these reels received permission from the company presently employing them, but it still forces me to wonder. Obviously, I don't want my current employer to know that I'm searching high and low for new opportunities.

I've gone as far as to create an entirely new Vimeo account for this trailer in hopes of throwing off my bosses which, quite honestly, should be enough to save me from being noticed.

Does anyone here have experience with this junk? Argh! It's nerve-wracking!

Thanks in advance, team!