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Creative Cow "VIDEOS-REELS" Upload Failure?
Creative Cow "VIDEOS-REELS" Upload Failure?
by Daniel Monskey on Mar 18, 2011 at 10:27:48 pm

I have been attempting to upload a short video to the Creative Cow "VIDEOS - REELS" page and failed with every attempt and every format. It is a 960 x 720 59.94 fps 3:29 minute video. I am outputing through FCP 7.0.3 using Quicktime Conversion. I set it to the H.264 setting and I've gotten it to a manageable size (less than 500MB---455MB. 500 is what the Reels pages says is max). After a few hours of "loading" a message comes back "No file found in upload". I have output this same file using "Program Stream.mpeg" (408MB), which I thought was an acceptible format.
Any suggestions to get this video to successfully upload? I had this same problem months ago and finally gave up. I attempted more format variations at that time and failed with all, so I am loosing faith with failure coming so regular. I would really like to post this and get feedback from the CC community.

Daniel Monskey