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Multiple Demo Reels?
Multiple Demo Reels?
by Ryan Shovey on Apr 24, 2009 at 10:48:01 pm

Hello All,

I have a demo reel here

My question is should I do a different reel for each service I provide? I do not only editing, but also directing, After Effects work (Motion graphics, visual fx, and color correction), DVD authoring.... etc... one reel specifically for each?

I bring this up because I'm a little confused about what exactly to do. The bulk of my work are videos I have written, directed, DP'd, and edited with special fx/ motion graphics. Only a couple videos I haven't worn multiple hats on. So if I make multiple reels, they would show a lot of the same thing. Any advice?

Maybe I can just tweak this reel to have it all? Is that professional? I'd appreciate any advice, thank you.


Re: Multiple Demo Reels?
by Stephen Smith on Apr 24, 2009 at 11:40:44 pm

I would have a catch all reel just like you currently have. Make sure that is the one most people see, unless you are trying to get specific work. If someone asks for a SFX reel then make one for them. If you have a website and the time I don't see anything wrong with multiple reels. That way the user can view what they are specifically looking for. Remember, you want them to ask for more. Hope this helps.

Stephen Smith
Salt Lake Video

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