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Cinema 4D Demo Reel
by Seth Minnich on Mar 13, 2008 at 9:59:26 pm

Hey everyone, I'm not to new to the site but finally registered to show my work.

Its mostly Cinema 4D. You can see it at good 'ol youtube:

Check it and let me know what ya think!

If you are a company located in San Diego/Los Angeles (or the vicinity)...I'm looking for work!

my website:

Re: Cinema 4D Demo Reel
by George Loch on Mar 30, 2008 at 7:30:53 pm

A couple of thoughts...

-I like the scrabble idea but, I think you could shorten it a lot. Having it this longs makes it feel like you are trying to get too much out of something that should be up there for like 5 seconds. The idea will feel a lot more fresh if you only give us a taste of it.

-There are a lot of well-known brands in there and I would probably lose most of the work with those brands. It just brings up questions you don't want people to ask "Did you work for NBC?" "Was this spec work?" etc. I liked the Bling h2O stuff as it felt like you were thinking as well as executing. I would come up with a few more of those and sell that as your reel. It's better to have a little amount of strong conceptual work than a lot of stuff that isn't as solid.


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