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Demo Reel Question
Demo Reel Question
by cjahrens on Feb 16, 2007 at 3:44:11 pm

I'm a commercial producer in a small market looking to move into a larger market in order to do more challenging work. My question is my main area of talent lies in telling a story visually and my demo reel reflects those talents. I noticed most reel here are basically motion graphics focused with a constant music soundtrack. Is this what companies are looking for in a producer these days? I guess I could take my stories and integrate them into my ability to use programs like Motion and After Effects but the cleverness of my spots would suffer. I feel that is my strong point, but every demo reel I see is simply flashy After Effects graphics. Any advice???


Re: Demo Reel Question
by boydmcc on Feb 18, 2007 at 6:06:59 am

There's a certain element of flash that is appealing in the motion graphic reels one sees, but I wouldn't change my demo because of that. I do long form narratives and documentaries. People who hire me want to know if I can edit long form, not if I can do a dazzling graphics piece.

For commercials, that run 30-60 seconds, I'd just put my best stuff there and not worry about it. If someone's looking for more graphics/efx you won't be able to compete with those that do that for living. But a lot of people don't want that for their commercials.

When it comes to graphics, it's good to know how certain looks are achieved and how much it would cost to achieve them. You can always hire a graphic artist to do special stuff.

Don't forget, there are a lot of national level commercials that rely exclusively on visual storytelling. I'd say, go with your best stuff.

Re: Demo Reel Question
by cjahrens on Feb 19, 2007 at 2:18:57 pm

That is good advice. Thanks