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New Demo Reel looking for feedback
New Demo Reel looking for feedback
by dave colonna on Dec 2, 2005 at 4:02:49 pm

Hey guys and gals,
just put up a new reel and looking for some feeback. its more of an editors reel, however there were things i did some camera work on and other things i directed, but a majority of it I would consider an editors reel


Just click on Demo Reel 1

there are a bunch of other clips on there, theh top one is a short I directed for a 24 hour film festival (whereyou make a short under 10 minutes within 24 hours, may I add some of the craziest 24 hours I have ever had)

thanks again

Re: New Demo Reel looking for feedback
by Yussef on Dec 2, 2005 at 6:12:42 pm

So I'm assuming this is mainly and editing reel. But I'll comment on the graphics too.

First technical:

My number one problem was compression. The video was WAY to lossy. A client is not going to like that, I understand download speeds may be equally important, but you have to recognize what you're seeing. So I would bump up the bitrate to even double where it is right now. If you're using a sorenson codec I shouldn't think you'll get too out of control file sizes.

It doesn't work on Safari.

I really like the music video shots. But they were kind of cut up. I kind of wanted a longer shot of some of the camera moves. They were well done, you should stress that. Unless of course you don't want a job related to camera.

I think the shots that interrupt the music - with the guy and the flowers... they shouldn't be there. I understand the fact that we (I'm in it with ya) are poor students or post grads and can't afford nice cameras, sound, light, actors, costume. That being the case though, we should not showcase these manifestations of our poverty. Because it might get misinterpreted as intellectual poverty. And we want to look great! So leave out the student movies, everyone. You can be proud of it, but leave it in the closet because you want your reel to look like something someone would see on TV or in a theater, or as close to it as possible. Unless it's a 'remember the past' sort of thing you have to have the professional sheen or you'll fall through the cracks and not even get to be in the running for 'possibility'.

Last comment. For After Effects stuff (or could have been motion or combustion): you might want to pick a better font. You *will* want to add motion blur on all of your elements and edge feathering on some. De-saturate, pick less bright un-natural colors.

Hope this doesn't come off as condescending, I'm not writing this from a tv post room, but I don't want to hold anything back, and you don't have to agree with everything i say. just wanted to put it out there...


just one note?
by dave colonna on Dec 4, 2005 at 5:35:20 pm

Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it. and I am going to update the compression. I was under the gun from my web guy to get it to him and up on the web so i didnt have time to play around with different compression formats.

It works on my safari... So i am not really sure which version you are running, but maybe its time to update your safari.

the music part: I agree with you that perhaps i can make some parts longer to emphasize the video footage, but again its more of an edit reel so its just about cutting many things into one solid piece.
As far as the guy with the flowers, I put only two scenes in from the short I did, which by the way was done with all professional video, lighting, sound, and even very credible actors. I have also played this short at a few theatres for short film festivals. And the goal, which i think i accomplished, was to seperate the two different categories of my reel, music and industrial.

and you are right about the motion effect on the text, I will definitely do that, I dont know why i didnt do it in the first

Thanks again for the input, and if i came across as defensive, i'm sorry, I dont mean to be in anyway, I just am sticking up for the choices I made, because i feel they are effective choices. But i will have a revised version up soon.

thanks again

Re: New Demo Reel looking for feedback
by George Loch on Dec 16, 2005 at 4:20:29 pm

A couple of comments...

-The compression is hammering it quite a bit. I would try to recompress the original in a better codec or give it more room to work with (up the data rate).

-That "Home Delivery" logo looks quite a bit like the HD( High Def) logo. Just may want to be aware of that.

-The flow of categories felt interrupted by the guy at the door...not sure where he fits in :/

-Lastly, what kind of job do you want to get with this reel? It's pretty general. You probably need to focus it into a couple of different reels depending on the position your after.