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Compositing / Motion Graphics Reel
Compositing / Motion Graphics Reel
by Joey Korenman on Apr 13, 2005 at 1:56:27 pm

I work for a company in Boston that works on commercials, TV shows, corporate, web video, and anything else you can think of. Like a lot of people, I'm sure, I am asked to wear about 25 different hats. This reel is supposed to show off my compositing and motion graphics skills. Since it's meant to be viewed on a DVD with the rest of our company reels (directors, editors, etc...) it may feel a little long when just watching on the web... (no, it WILL feel long, hehe.)

I know it's not NEARLY as cool as some of the stuff that's up here, but it's my first reel, and I'd love some feedback. Be brutal. I know that my design skills could use a lot of work, so let me know what works and what doesn't. My background is purely editing, but I'm trying to get more into compositing and grpahics work because I find that it fits my attention span better. I've only been working in the business for 2 years (I'm 24) and I've only been doing this type of work for a year. That asterisk thing you'll keep seeing in the reel is my company's logo.

OK, no more disclaimers.

Thanks all!!!!


Re: Compositing / Motion Graphics Reel
by TVgraham on Apr 13, 2005 at 4:02:45 pm

the "reeves" thing in the corner is cute and will make sure your reel is remembered, but it might not be for the right reasons. The part where the television is turned on, needs to be retouched. the matrix poster needs to go, just cover the floor and leave it. I do get what you are doing with the little blue things, but please be more pro about it. Your reel is very juvanile and needs to put into a professional context. I would not hire off this reel. I like some of your skills but not the whole adolesante attitude.



Re: Compositing / Motion Graphics Reel
by Jim Harvey on Apr 17, 2005 at 2:20:27 pm

Ok here's the deal;

There is no room for the word "Shit" in a reel. It's just unprofessional (even though that's probably the mildest word you'll ever hear in an editing suite). Secondly, your reel ISN'T the "shit" so you're starting off lying to the client. You seem to have a decent grasp of some of the compositing elements, but I found the little guy in the corner annoying. Word balloons don't quite make me want to go "WOW!" so I'd think about their use. (If you had a Flash look, you could get away with some word balloon use, but it's a tricky thing.) Keep working and try to tighten up the flow. There just wasn't any real "PUNCH" to the reel. I liked the before/after idea as it draws attention to the skill that you're trying to showcase. It's a bit on the slow side you you risk losing the audience (boredom). But Keep trying, that's the only way you'll ever improve.

Jim Harvey
JHV Digital

Re: Compositing / Motion Graphics Reel
by Vinnie on Apr 20, 2005 at 3:22:45 pm

I can understand what everyone else is saying about your reel. Although I found it different and sometimes different is good and sometimes it is bad (that is confusing). Ok, I do like the before and afters, a great way to show the compositing. I do like the idea of a character leading you through it but I dont know if Keanu is the best, although I like laughing at him. I do like the music and I do think the graphics work you show is well done.

I dont like how slow the pace is. I dont need to see that much of the Band Shell thing that you took the banner off of...we get it after about 10 seconds. I dont like the speech ballons because they could be done soooo much better and be another opportunity for you to show off the graphic skills. I dont care about 4 letter words I just would not use them because you are trying to save it from bordem. And dont say you are the shit let people say that for you.

Good luck and keep having fun with your work....that will lead you to where you want to be.

Re: Compositing / Motion Graphics Reel
by Joey Korenman on May 5, 2005 at 4:21:18 pm

Just wanna thank you guys for the comments. I didn't really think that having "shit" in there would rub people the wrong way, but I guess that's just my lack of experience. I definitely will take these comments to heart. Thanks again, I'll repost the reel again when it's been reworked.


p.s. I know my reel isn't "the shit." hehe. I've seen the amazing work people have done on this board.