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Switcher direct to DV
Switcher direct to DV
by John Barata on Jul 15, 2012 at 12:21:41 pm


Can anybody suggest a cheap switcher that can output video to a macbookpro directly?

I bought a MXPRO DV recently for it's ability to output direct to DV. In the project I use it for it's real only use is to direct cameras and record reference cut with nat audio as I roll in camera and post the whole show.

I have now realized that my macbookpro will not recognize the MXPRODV so that function is useless. I know I can buy AD converter but since it's mobile I want as little parts and cables as possible.

As always Thank You in advance

Re: Switcher direct to DV
by Vince Becquiot on Jul 23, 2012 at 4:41:26 pm

Hi John,

I think the AD converter is the way to go. The conversion from a good affordable converter (Grass valley etc.) will be much better than something integrated in a cheap switcher. That also will not dictate your switcher choice, which in that case will be close to none.

It should be easy enough to screw/attach inside a portable rack.

Vince Becquiot

Indigo Live
San Francisco - Bay Area