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Need Mocha/Tracking Advice
Need Mocha/Tracking Advice
by Ed Hecht on Mar 4, 2019 at 9:58:07 pm

Hi All,
I've never actually used Mocha before. I have a shot with a few flat screens that need to be swapped out that are partially to mostly obscured throughout the shot by a person in the foreground (including a few see-through "holes" between the person's arm and torso). A fully formed rectangle is never shown.
Is Mocha even the right tool to use in this case?

Re: Need Mocha/Tracking Advice
by Ross Shain on Mar 29, 2019 at 3:54:39 pm

Absolutely - when you are tracking a screen to replace and there are foreground objects that occlude the screen, Mocha is the best option. What you need to do is use multiple search areas (using the X+ tool) to find areas that move similar to the plane of the screen.

You can do this in either the Free Mocha AE that is bundled with After Effects or with Mocha Pro which can be run on a wide number of hosts including Premiere & Avid.

This video tutorial should help: understand how to avoid the occlusions and focus the tracker.

Ross Shain
Boris FX / Imagineer Systems