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Issue with the 1gb restriction for menus...
Issue with the 1gb restriction for menus...
by Oscar Torres on Mar 6, 2019 at 12:47:38 am


I have a strange issue with the 1gb limit for the menus, i'm explain:

For this example, I will use a compatible mpeg file for DVD with a weight of only ~ 80mb, it is a video that lasts 4:30 minutes approximately.

This video will be used as an animated background for 4 menus; As it is compatible for DVD, the program tells me that it is not necessary to transcode it.

The problem is that when i add it to each menu, when i see the space it occupies in the "disk", it rises too much, since it only weighs 80mb.

In the following video I show what I mean:

Could you tell me why this happens?
It is assumed that the file is compatible, so it should not be transcoded again.

I tried different ways, but the result is always a bigger space than what I suppose it should be.

Transcode the files with the encore itself (with one of the predefined templates, resulting in files of about 130MB each, which in addition did not exceed the indicated 1GB) and then i use them in the project but always with the same result, occupying more space of what the file weighed originally.

I think Encore, even if it tells you that it is not necessary to transcode the file, anyways it still does...

I would like you to explain to me if this is normal, or why it happens.

I thank you in advance for your answers; Greetings

Re: Issue with the 1gb restriction for menus...
by Stan Jones on Mar 6, 2019 at 7:50:55 pm

It is true that a DVD legal file should not be transcoded, but only if it is in a timeline. Any motion asset in a menu will be transcoded UNLESS the only thing added to the menu are highlight layers. I cannot see what you have in the menu, but even one text layer (e.g. a title on the menu that is not a button or a text layer in a button that is not a highlight only). You must put such elements into the background motion movie.

When Encore transcodes a motion menu, it uses the default transcode settings for the project. If they are set fairly high, you get the problem you are seeing.

Stan Jones

Re: Issue with the 1gb restriction for menus...
by Oscar Torres on Mar 7, 2019 at 12:09:01 pm

First of all, thanks for your response.

The menu only has buttons and nothing else; even so Encore transcodes it?

With photoshop, I made a .psd file with a transparent background without anything else and after being in encore, I imported it as a menu, I added the same video of 4: 30min as a background in movement (without doing anything else) and gave me the same result, that is, a larger file than what is supposed to be; for this case, Encore also transcodes it?

As for the default transcoding, it refers to this (for each element of the project):

Or this, the general configuration of the project:

In the configuration for each element of the project I have modified or used the predefined templates with the same result, the weight of the resulting file does not decrease.

In the case of the general configuration of the project, it only offers predefined options that I can not modify and even if I choose the lowest one, the problem persists (in fact, even if I choose a higher configuration, the resulting file is still the same size)

My knowledge about Encore is limited, I'm sorry if I said some stupid things (including my english XD).

Thank you again for your help.

Re: Issue with the 1gb restriction for menus...
by Stan Jones on Mar 7, 2019 at 8:16:09 pm

Yes, I forget how limited the defaults are.

But the real solution is to not allow Encore to transcode. How did you add the "buttons"? Buttons added from the library have a text layer that will require transcoding.

Stan Jones