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Automatic Transcoding
Automatic Transcoding
by Michael Dexter on Aug 30, 2009 at 4:40:39 pm

Does anyone know if CS4 Encore's Automatic Transcoding is 2 Pass VBR?
Also, if my camcorder shot in Progressive - will Encore recognize that? And will Automatic Transcoding render in a 'progressive' way??? Or should I start learning custom preset rendering?
Thank you very much!

Re: Automatic Transcoding
by Jeff Bellune on Aug 30, 2009 at 8:39:41 pm

Automatic Transcoding is CBR until the required bit rate drops below about 6 Mbps. Then VBR transcoding kicks in. I think that it's VBR 1-Pass at that point, but I've heard others speculate that it's VBR 2-Pass. Adobe's not telling.

You could do your own test: Time how long it takes a 100-minute file to transcode in Encore using a VBR 1-Pass, 5.7 Mbps transcode setting. Then, in a DVD-5 project, time how long it takes to transcode that same file in an Encore timeline and with a transcode setting of Automatic. If they take about the same amount of time, then Auto uses VBR, 1-Pass. If Auto takes twice as long, then it uses VBR 2-Pass.

Make sure the audio is transcoded to 192 kbps Dolby Digital.

Automatic Transcoding will respect progressive sources.


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