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Metabones speed boost and anamorphic on FS100
Metabones speed boost and anamorphic on FS100
by Angelo Mike on Aug 26, 2013 at 5:47:30 am

Metabones has an EF to NEX speed boost/full frame adapter, which lets you use EF (full frame) lenses on it and get a near full frame image, and it gives an addition stop of light.

I want to be able to shoot anamorphic to get a 2.35 aspect ratio on a shoot. What I'm wondering about is if adding this between the lenses (EF and then anamorphic) could potentially create any issues for the image? Could it make focus difficult or create chromatic abberation? I realize vignetting is always a potential issue past a certain field of view, but I'm just wondering if the addition of however many millimeters the speed booster is can cause any problems. I wouldn't assume it would, but I haven't read anything specifically about using it on the FS100 and an anamorphic lens.