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Using FS5 proxy files with Vegas Pro 15
Using FS5 proxy files with Vegas Pro 15
by Martin Seemungal on Nov 1, 2018 at 5:57:52 am

Has anyone had experience using the Proxy files from an FS5 in Vegas Pro 15?
As you know when you set the FS5 to 'proxy record'.. it creates the full resolution mxf as normal. when you go into the XDRoot you will see 'Clip' (for the mxf's) and 'Sub' for the mp4 proxies. The proxy numbering is identical to the mxfs except the proxies have S03 at the end.... i.e. Clip0001S03.mp4
If anyone has any ideas how to utilize these proxies for editing in Vegas followed by full resolution rendering using the mxf's I would be grateful for the advice. Thanks