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match Sony-ex1r with Sony-vg20
match Sony-ex1r with Sony-vg20
by tasos papadiotis on May 8, 2017 at 10:48:15 am

Can someone help me to match Sony-ex1r with Sony-vg20
If it can be done

Re: match Sony-ex1r with Sony-vg20
by Craig Seeman on May 9, 2017 at 3:36:08 pm

You can get close. You MUST have the tools and the skill though.

Before the shoot, setup the cameras at a common target, look at output on scopes (laptop running such software for example) and adjust the picture profiles (EX1 will be more flexible) to match. Be aware that dynamic range and noise may be different.

When shooting you can use a color chart like X-Rite Video and point both cameras at it. If you don't have time to setup you can shoot the chart as reference on both cameras and adjust in post production.

In post, if you haven't shot a chart, look for a point where both cameras are pointing at the same subject, color correct one to make it your "hero" shot. Then match the other camera to that shot. You may want to be skilled in DaVinci Resolve, Adobe PPro Lumetri or FCPX with Color Finale.