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SxS card doesn't mount on windows
SxS card doesn't mount on windows
by Lucas Barros on Oct 21, 2013 at 4:42:44 pm

I got this great laptop PC running Windows 7 SP1.
It has an internal express card 34 slot, so we're doing a shoot with Arri Alexa and
I want to use for on set logging.

My problem is: I can see the SXS card on the devices manager but it doesn't mount as a disk.
When I use the Sony Card reader it mounts properly and it all goes well, but I really want to use
the express reader so I have my USB ports free for external drives.
I have installed the sony driver for the SxS card and the UDF driver as well.

Does anyone have any experience in this situation?
Any tips would come handy as I am a macuser usually
and have little experience with PCs.

Txs in advance.

Lucas de Barros