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EX1 battery error repair
EX1 battery error repair
by Takashi Simon-Sakurai on Aug 30, 2012 at 9:09:42 pm


I am sending in my EX1 for repair with SONY service center hopefully tomorrow. My question is if anyone had the same issue and how much it might have cost them to have it repaired? The last posting on the same tech issue was dated 2 yrs ago and didn't have the estimate on it.

The problem with my EX1 is when fully charged batteries are put on the camera, I get the error message that says "battery error, please replace battery" The camera turns on and works fine when connected via a charger/DC cable. I went to an EX1 owner's house and used his battery and I had the error message. When he used my batteries on his camera, his camera worked fine.

I am located in Alaska and need to send the camera out of the state to have it repaired. Just want to know how much it might cost to have it repaired if anyone could help me with the question...

Thank you for your help.

Re: EX1 battery error repair
by Steve Kownacki on Aug 31, 2012 at 12:16:24 pm

I have had great success with
Macie Video Service
Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: 781-326-3135
Toll Free: 888-MACIEVIDEO (888-622-4384)

I'd give them a call first to discuss.


Re: EX1 battery error repair
by Takashi Simon-Sakurai on Aug 31, 2012 at 5:44:11 pm

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much! I will give them a call.