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XDCAM Transfer, FCPX and Shutter Speed
XDCAM Transfer, FCPX and Shutter Speed
by Olly Lawer on Mar 5, 2012 at 4:26:32 pm


I thought i'd roll this all into one thread and they are all interrelated.

Upgraded to Lion and have installed new versions of XDCAM Transfer and Clip Browser. I understand I need to pull clips through XDCAM Transfer before pulling them into FCPX (as to wrap them in a QT wrapper).

All fine so far. However, I noticed that when I first loaded up XDCAM Transfer that the SXS Driver, XDCAM Drive Software and FAM Driver were showing errors. I imported some test footage and saw that there was hideous stutter on the footage when panning.

My first instinct was to check the shutter settings in my camera (EX1) and it was set to 1/50th (25fps).

I went on the sony website and managed to download the SxS Driver and the stutter has decreased, but cannot find the XDCAM Drive Software or FAM Driver. I am using the express card slot on a MacBook so I really should have this shouldn't I?

Also, the footage still looks a stuttery. I have filmed some test clips with 1/50 & 1/100 and both are experiencing stutter even with a moderate pan. I would obviously expect this with 1/100 but they essentially look the same which makes me think there is an issue here.

On a side note I have tended to leave the shutter off on the EX1 as I understand it defaults to 1/50 which is fine for 25fps progressive. However, I still notice more stutter with 1080p shutter 1/50 than I do with 720p shutter off.

What shutter speed settings with 25fps (progressive) are best for the EX1 to achieve smooth panning?

Should there be a difference between using 720p and 1080p with regards to smooth panning?


Olly Lawer

Re: XDCAM Transfer, FCPX and Shutter Speed
by Ian Cook on Mar 5, 2012 at 6:39:54 pm

Hi Olly,

The presence of the drivers will determine what files and devices can be seen but should have no bearing on the actual video content.

Transfer shows you a list of installed components when you first launch, and anything XDCAM-related that is not present on the system will show a red X. This can be a bit misleading as you do not necessarily need all components for all workflows. For example, you would not need the 'XDCAM Drive Software' (USB driver and utility app for the PDW-U1/U2 optical disc drives) or the i.LINK FAM driver (also for optical XDCAM devices) for an exclusively EX workflow.

For EX you need:

-The application software (XDCAM Browser, XDCAM Transfer, EX Clip Browser)
-SxS Device driver (only if using built-in slot on a laptop)

For Optical:

-Application Software
-XDCAM Drive Software (PDW-U1/U2 disc drives only)
-i.LINK FAM driver (for PDW camcorders and decks)

For SxS/UDF hybrid workflow:

-SxS Device Driver (if reading from the built-in slot on a laptop)

-SxS UDF Driver (only req'd when reading MXF on SxS, i.e. SxS cards formatted using the optical disc file structure and capable of recording optical codecs such as HD422 50 Mb...The devices that support UDF are the PMW-500, PDW-HR1/MK1 and XDS-PDxxx devices)

Hope this at least helps to clarify the requirements..

Re: XDCAM Transfer, FCPX and Shutter Speed
by Olly Lawer on Mar 5, 2012 at 6:48:16 pm

Hmm, strange. There was definitly an issue with excessive stutter. Maybe another issue on my machine.

I'm using an EX1 and SxS cards using an express card slot, so from the sounds of your post I need the XDCAM Driver.

Upon load up it says that I haven't got this, although I did download it from the sony website and restarted my machine.

See pic:

What would you recommend?

Olly Lawer

Re: XDCAM Transfer, FCPX and Shutter Speed
by Ian Cook on Mar 5, 2012 at 7:28:06 pm

You don't need any of the components shown next to the red "!". These are strictly for XDCAM optical disc. You should un-check the 'Check when Application Starts' box so you don't have to keep dismissing the window.

As far as the video issue it's had to say without asking a hundred more questions about your specific setup. It could be the video card's hardware acceleration or it could be other QuickTime components causing a conflict. Keep in mind that all the XDCAM software does is connect to devices and re-wrap files. The decoding of the actual AV content is done by Apple codecs based on the Sony spec. It's possible for the metadata in the re-wrapped .mov to get 'broken' or corrupted in such a way as to affect the video performance but very unlikely.

Re: XDCAM Transfer, FCPX and Shutter Speed
by Olly Lawer on Mar 5, 2012 at 7:29:10 pm

OK, great, thanks.

Seems to be working OK now, so lets hope issue doesn't arise again.

Thanks for your help.

Olly Lawer