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EX-Cam Workflow - CS4 (Win)
EX-Cam Workflow - CS4 (Win)
by Martin Werner on Feb 24, 2010 at 10:21:39 pm

Hey guys,

iam working with both EX1 & EX3 at 720p50 and was wondering what would be the "perfect" workflow if i need a MPEG2 (UFF) for distrubition (needed by the client).
(Beside this the product should go to DVD)

I've been recording 1080i before.. but the result was horrible and since final HD output is not needed iam going with 720p50 now.

Clip Browser -> HDD
HDD -> Premiere
Premiere -> MPEG2 (wich i distribute)
MPEG2 -> Encore -> DVD

Iam not really sure if Premiere does the best job at interlacing.
Or is my actual workflow the one to go with?

Thank you in advance!