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Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by Danny Hays on Aug 23, 2013 at 7:42:14 pm

I've had a shuttle for a while nnow, built a p58 chipset desktop to accomidate. It would capture 1080 motion jpeg fine without frame drops. I now have a few Sony Vaio VPCF2390X laptops.Installed desktop installer 7.9.4 Media express 2.3 and it works with motion jpeg, but drops a frame every once in a while. I recently installed a sandisc ssd and it now captures mjpg, 8 and 10 bit uncompressed avi without any frame drops. Plays all back perfectly too. Has anyone else able to to do this with a laptop? By the way, the new Shuttle software 9.7.7 doesn't work on it. No preview and only 8 bit and dpx as format type to choose from.

Re: Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by EricBowen on Aug 27, 2013 at 3:40:44 pm

Yes with SSD's you can capture and playback uncompressed on laptops. The CPU load is low for uncompressed but the disk load is high. I noticed the same thing regarding the 9.7.7 Media Express. I have been meaning to contact Blackmagic to see if that will remain the options.

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Re: Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by Joe Brown on Sep 24, 2013 at 7:48:25 am

I too have a VPCF2390X, but am experiencing periodic flickering approximately every 60 seconds capturing via HDMI (tried both 720p and 1080i) with the Intensity Shuttle. I beg of you, can you please tell me what driver and firmware versions you have installed on your 720200a NEC/Renesas USB controller residing on your VPCF2390X laptop? Also, are you running the stock Sony bloat install, or a fresh install (I'm running a fresh install, and am tearing out my hair).

EDIT [SOLVED]: wifi network auto-scan performed by Atheros internal wifi adapter was responsible for the flickering. Disabling the adapter resolves the flickers.

Many thanks,

Re: Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by Danny Hays on Oct 15, 2013 at 11:34:01 pm

Sorry to take so long Joe. I did a fresh install of W7 64 bit. Ultimate. I did some capturing from an HDMI source with it, no that long though. Let me know how it goes with you. Danny Hays

Re: Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by Joe Brown on Oct 16, 2013 at 4:54:53 am

The only real difference I can see is I'm running Win 7 Home Premium. No flickers for you, then? My install is almost two years old, but it's part of a multi-boot system that only gets used when I'm doing video production, so I can still count the total OS uptime in hours.

As I said, I figured out my issue in any case (and have since found modified wifi drivers that allow me to disable the auto-scan). Maybe you just have laptops from a different production run that didn't have the issues I experience, even though we technically have the same model.

Thanks for your kind reply,

Re: Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by Danny Hays on Oct 16, 2013 at 6:51:08 pm

Do you have your wifi switch turned off? Are you using desktop installer 7.9.4 Media express 2.3? My laptop will even do it on just the battery.

Re: Intensity Shuttle on a laptop
by Joe Brown on Oct 17, 2013 at 12:18:56 am

I tried multiple versions of the Blackmagic software, all with the same result (although the newest version crashed all the time). I guess I'm glad to hear that this problem does not exist on all VPCF2390X laptops. I wonder if ours differ in some critical available option, which allows yours to work fine while mine experiences disruptions.

I didn't try turning off the wifi via the switch - I have to assume doing so would also stop the flickers, but I prefer using the modified drivers that disable the disruptive wifi scan.

Thanks again,