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ATEM 1 Switcher
ATEM 1 Switcher
by Robert Foote on Apr 22, 2013 at 4:19:57 am

Can anyone help me out?
I am configuring church setup on a tight budget but have utilized an ATEM 1 Switcher and need to do a few things with it.
1. Record 4 camera input from SDI (no problem here)
2. Incorporate a powerpoint presentation into the 1st HDMI port on the switcher, from an HDMI out on the laptop (I am having some challenges with this signal but more on that later)
3.export a live streaming version of this happening
4. Record and archive the presentation on an Atomos Ninja2

I have had some success getting everything going with a powerful Samsung laptop (as far as installing the software and seeing and recording a single camera input), but Blackmagic guys tell me that Windows 8 is not compatible with their product.My IT guy is loathe to roll it back to Windows 7 so...

The boss gave me an option to buy a good control computer that can handle everything. Any recommendations? Video Cards, or any other recommendations?

Help is greatly appreciated. It appears that most of the products that are suggested as solutions by Blackmagic, are discontinued. I can get an HP workstation listed, but what else will I need?

Question 2
HDMI port out to an HDMI 1-4 splitter and 1 output to ATEM Switcher, one output to an HDMI - VGA Converter that then plugs into a projector. Why is this frustrating me? Do I need a scaler? Really?
Where does it need to go? I cant seem to get anything but the desktop image to show up on both the ATEM or the projector.
Does Windows 8 really suck this bad?

A lot of experience, but this is a new kind of headache.

Re: ATEM 1 Switcher
by John Williams on Apr 24, 2013 at 8:54:14 pm

Hope I can help you a bit. 4 cameras into Atem 1 on SDI. Are you running HD-SDI or SDI as the mixer will only do one at a time.

HDMI into mixer for PC. Well it sometimes works, but depends on the computer that you are using as the source. WE have a couple of TC-ONE SVGA-HDMI scaler units whach are about £150. They work a treat! Much easier than trying to get HDMI to work and for projector cable you just need a onventional SVGA Distro box.

Recording onto Ninja 2, should be no problem. We use a Samurai all the time.

As for streaming, you can't do it without other kit. You might look at the H.264 encoder box from Blackmagic, or you could use a PC with either an HDMI or SDI Capture card.

I would try your windows 8 machine. I have seen it work even though it's not supported.

We have 2 ATEM 1 machines. The main one is used with a 20inch touchscreen PC as its control, and that really works. The 2nd unit is Radk Baged with a Hyperdeck recorder, and I use a small Netbook to control it. The 6U Bag is big enough for the Atem, Hyperdeck, Netbook, Scaler and SVGA Distro, and all the PSU's.

All the best.


Re: ATEM 1 Switcher
by Robert Foote on Apr 26, 2013 at 8:02:40 pm

Thanks that does help. I am using an HD_SDI convertor for the cameras, but are yiou saying I cant run HDMI from the laptop at the same time and have the switcher recognize it as a source? One I can just switch to if necessary? I am looking into the scaler now, i hope this works, kickoff in 2 weeks. Thanks

Re: ATEM 1 Switcher
by John Williams on Apr 28, 2013 at 5:48:05 pm

You can run them both, but I have found in the past that the ATEM is VERY particular about an HDMI input from a computer. All the paramiters have to be correct. Therefore, if it doesn't work, then look at an SVGA-HDMI converter box, as that soles the problem