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Mini Converters. Battery vs Mini switch control
Mini Converters. Battery vs Mini switch control
by Rodrigo Allendes-Fernandez on Feb 7, 2013 at 2:40:09 pm

Hi everyone!

Working around in live productions in outdoors or extreme conditions with some models of oldest Mini Converters of BMD (HDMI-SDI/SDI-HDMI), I think its time to renew my equipment. My option keep still with BMD, but about models I'm not sure. Battery Converter vs Heavy Dutty Converter.

Mini (oldest) and Heavy Dutty (newest) are the same think, I know. But Battery is itself powered (pros), but what if I need change some setting in the field, on location; this model hasn't the built-in switch control (cons). Can I perform it using the USB Port and Converter Utility Software?

In that case, I should add a laptop to my equipment, but I won't because I need carry minimal equipment.

Which one you recomend?

Best regards

Rodrigo Allendes-Fernandez
Video Assist Operator