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Canon 1D IV + Hyperdeck Shuttle Workflow
Canon 1D IV + Hyperdeck Shuttle Workflow
by Serge Polevitzky on Aug 26, 2011 at 7:05:57 pm

OK, I'm a noob, so forgive any stupidities that follow. I have a 1D IV set for 29.97 & have connected it to the Hyperdeck. Have captured images (Compressed000, etc.) on Intel X25E SSD. I then connect the Canon 1D to an HDTV & ask the TV what it sees. It says 1080i. Hmm ..Interlaced. Copy the Compressed000, etc. to a Mac & run Compressor IV (or any version of Compressor, actually) I go to Frame Controls [3rd option to the right]. Click on the starburst icon to the right of the first drop down [Set Frame Controls to 'On'].

Next, slide down 3 options to 'Deinterlace' & select Reverse Telecine.

I then crop & wind up with about 1300 by 645 (getting rid of the Red Dot & side bars).

Select Submit twice & wait. This should produce a file that is deinterlaced, which I take it is what I need to have since the Compressed000, etc. files appear to be 1080i.

This workflow seem OK ? If not, please correct.


Re: Canon 1D IV + Hyperdeck Shuttle Workflow
by Paul Jay on Aug 28, 2011 at 12:09:38 am

No possible workflow.
Canon dslr doesnt output uncompressed progressive signal.
Shoot h264 with cinestyle picture style for best dynamic range.

Re: Canon 1D IV + Hyperdeck Shuttle Workflow
by Serge Polevitzky on Aug 28, 2011 at 3:57:43 pm

Paul -- AOK on using the Technicolor suggested minimal saturation, etc., settings in the camera along with their S-curve LUT in Post when using output from the camera codec (the .mov files on the Compact Flash).

What I am after is seeing if by capturing what comes out of the Canon 1D IV's HDMI port, you can get better (by some measurement) images.

The Blackmagic folks suggested hooking up the camera to a TV & asking the TV what it saw. The TV said it saw 1080i coming out of the Canon 1D IV's HDMI port. Since the Hyperdeck captures whatever it sees in the same format as what it sees, I'm guessing the Capture000, etc., files that the Hyperdeck records from the 1D IV are 1080i.

If you used the Hyperdeck with, say, a Nikon, you might get different format files captured, since the Hyperdeck does a bit-for-bit capture of whatever comes into its HDMI input port. I suspect if it saw a Starbuck's latte on its HDMI input port, it'd copy that to the SSD inserted.

So the question is: do the Capture000, etc., files need to be deinterlaced ? Or what else do you need to do to them before processing with Final Cut 7 or Final Cut X ?

Thanks in advance --