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COW Articles: Cinematography Inside HBO's The Wire
COW Articles: Cinematography Inside HBO's The Wire
by Kathlyn Lindeboom on Dec 12, 2007 at 11:30:59 pm

Inside HBO's The Wire

Set in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire will begin its fifth and final season in January 2008 on HBO. As different from standard TV as it gets, the show has received the highest levels of critical acclaim, being referred to by multiple reviewers as ''the best show on television.'' In its last issue of 2006 Time Magazine ranked The Wire first on its list of ''10 Best TV Shows.'' And ''Finally recognized as the best series on TV. Sorry, Tony (Soprano),'' was Newsweek's description. Creative COW's Nick Griffin spent time on set earlier this year and interviewed one of the show's Producers. Here's his inside glimpse into The Wire and its production.

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Kathlyn Lindeboom
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