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COW Reviews: Sony Vegas Plug-Ins Excalibur 4.5
COW Reviews: Sony Vegas Plug-Ins Excalibur 4.5
by COW Articles on Aug 26, 2005 at 6:32:06 pm

Excalibur 4.5 Reviewed

In this article, CreativeCOW.net contributing editor Jim Harvey reviews Excalibur 4.5 Scripting plug-in for Sony Vegas and writes..."Ed Troxel is well known to anyone who has even a passing knowledge of Vegas. His program Excalibur is a marvelous plug-in that takes well-written scripts and allows the user to automate many different effects with the press of a key. Ed has done the work of writing, debugging, and finalizing the scripts so that you don’t have to."

Click on the link above to read this review for Edward Troxel's Excalibur 4.5. You might find out it's a plug-in that you won't want to do without!

Kathlyn Lindeboom

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