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View ThreadHow to insert clips on timeline according to timecode?
by Simon Reichel 4 days ago
164 days ago
Oki Pienandoro
View ThreadAvid Mixdown: Quality Loss??
by Kale Reum 5 days ago
44 days ago
Kale Reum
View ThreadPremier ePro new version reveal
by David Cherniack 1 week ago
756 days ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadUnnest sequence
by Ivan Knežević 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Ivan Knežević
View ThreadChanging the master track type in Audition
by Rune Jacobsen 2 months ago
42 weeks ago
Flawn Williams
View ThreadVideo: Pluraleyes Problem Example
by Jon Evans 3 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Jon Evans
View ThreadPluraleyes xml file does not sync the files in Premiere sequence
by Jon Evans 3 weeks ago
View ThreadService: Bruckman Media LLC
by Nick Bruckman 3 weeks ago
View ThreadHow do get avid to consistently respect track configuration from source to timeline when placing multiple clips at once?
by Jimmy See 4 weeks ago
34 weeks ago
Michael Phillips
View ThreadProblems Syncing Atomos Shogun Footage with PluralEyes 3
by Megan Carroll 1 month ago
View ThreadPPCC 2014: Using multicam to sync multiple clips from multiple cameras and audio sources
by Jon Meeker 1 month ago
21 month ago
Jon Meeker
View ThreadAVCHD MTS files
by Tom Adams 1 month ago
View ThreadField mixer recommendations?
by Per Scaffidi 1 month ago
61 month ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadRe: Pluraleyes 3 error message
by Jesse Garrison 1 month ago
21 month ago
Jesse Garrison
View ThreadMissing bins and pluraleyes
by elise ozsoy 1 month ago
View Threadcreate FCPX Multiclip from FCP7 stacked timeline
by Nick Meyers 1 month ago
101 month ago
Robin S. Kurz
View ThreadRe: PLURAL EYES not working with Panasonic GH 4 footage
by Vinod Raja 1 month ago
11 month ago
Vinod Raja
View ThreadPLURAL EYES not working with Panasonic GH 4 footage
by Vinod Raja 1 month ago
11 month ago
Vinod Raja
View ThreadCamera Crop/Zoom/Pan in Edit? Like Presto from Red Giant
by Joe Christensen 10 months ago
62 months ago
Paul Trebilco
View ThreadStrange Multiplication of Audio tracks
by Drigan Lee 2 months ago
View ThreadPluraleyes 3 shuts down when creating new project from FCP 7
by Charles Dente 1 year ago
12 months ago
James Morton
View ThreadService: Plate C Editorial
by Casey Chinn 2 months ago
View ThreadAny way to auto sync multiple video and audio clips (like in Avid)?
by Scott Clements 2 months ago
72 months ago
Tony Manolikakis
View ThreadMulticam Synchronization is so slow
by Daniel Elder 2 months ago
162 months ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadPluralEyes doesn't work with subclips in Vegas Pro 13. Workaround?
by Victor Keys 2 months ago
View ThreadPremiere CC Multicamera: random or timed edits?
by Zopiro da Tracia 3 months ago
View ThreadUsing multiple files per camera with Multi-Camera sequencing
by Jason Paradis 3 months ago
23 months ago
Jorge Alduncin
View ThreadHow to sync & edit multi-cam already in a timeline with more than 15 tracks
by Eddie Potros 3 months ago
View Thread50p AVCHD transcode to ProRes 422 problem
by Marcus Eckermann 3 years ago
103 months ago
Harry Kirchner
View ThreadCanon C300 external audio TC jam sync issue.
by John Knowles 3 months ago
13 months ago
John Knowles
View ThreadMy findings with choppy transitions / fades / dissolves in VP13
by Victor Keys 3 months ago
113 months ago
Victor Keys
View ThreadMulti track syncing with PluralEyes 3 and FCP7 - tricky problem
by Leah Attard 1 year ago
13 months ago
Aaron Bilgrad

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