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View ThreadMismatch of sample rates
by Max Oridoroga 1 day ago
514 hours ago
Joe Marler
View ThreadPluralEyes 3.1 does NOT work with C300 MXF files
by Nigel Barker 3 years ago
42 days ago
Nigel Barker
View ThreadMulticam Workflow: Ref videos vs. Multiple Edits
by Jacob Gull 6 days ago
35 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadAudio waveforms not showing up
by john younger 6 days ago
View ThreadCan Avid auto sync audio and video like Premiere and FCPX?
by Erik Rosenbluh 4 weeks ago
31 week ago
Michael Phillips
View ThreadUpdate coming?
by Bret Williams 3 weeks ago
142 weeks ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadReply created a new duplicate thread
by Kalle Kannisto 2 weeks ago
72 weeks ago
Abraham Chaffin
View ThreadAvid sound sync - multiple file enquiry
by Adam Symes 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Adam Symes
View ThreadImage: pluraleyes-forum.jpg
by Kalle Kannisto 2 weeks ago
View ThreadDoes Pluraleyes fix drift?
by Ty Ford 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadWill it blend...
by Eric Santiago 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadBatch syncing for FCP X
by Tangier Clarke 3 weeks ago
View ThreadOne-frame off relink issue.
by Tangier Clarke 1 month ago
24 weeks ago
Tangier Clarke
View ThreadCombine audio tracks into one
by George Radic 2 months ago
14 weeks ago
George Radic
View ThreadLip sync in Pluraleyes
by Stan Shear 4 weeks ago
View ThreadSync ALL your clips in a single manipulation with premiere CC?
by Marc De Coster 1 month ago
51 month ago
Marc De Coster
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC; Remembering David Bowie; Editing Star Wars
by Creative COW 1 month ago
View ThreadIllegal Angle Situation...HELP!!
by clherman 9 years ago
51 month ago
Tom Laughlin
View ThreadFCP X crashes in Multiclip mode.
by Adam Berch 2 months ago
121 month ago
Adam Berch
View Threadmatch additional microphones in protocols using only timecode on an existing edit
by Stephen Franciosa 2 months ago
61 month ago
Stephen Franciosa
View ThreadTentacle sync or plural eyes?
by Brad Carmichael 2 months ago
View ThreadExport to timeline - Permission/Write issue
by Evan Lindman 2 months ago
View ThreadFCPX Sync Silent Audio
by Javier Puga 2 months ago
View ThreadSyncing Issues in PluralEyes
by It Isme 2 months ago
12 months ago
Jackson Howard
View ThreadMerged Clips Premiere Pro CC- Warnings???
by sally obrien 2 months ago
View ThreadProblems Syncing Atomos Shogun Footage with PluralEyes 3
by Megan Carroll 11 months ago
32 months ago
Adam Weinberg
View ThreadInconsistent Audio Channels
by Stacey Quine 2 months ago
View ThreadPlural Eyes won't export back in FCP7 after sync.
by Adam Berch 2 months ago
View ThreadMulti cam shoot Narrative shoot + Pluraleye workflow question.
by Phil Bucci 2 months ago
32 months ago
Herb Sevush
View ThreadMulti cam sequnce question
by dan crouch 2 months ago
52 months ago
dan crouch
View ThreadReplace simple AV clip with multicam counterpart?
by Tangier Clarke 2 months ago
View ThreadSennheiser EW100 G3 Wireless Lav - Strange AF Peak Behaviour
by Grant McNair 2 months ago
72 months ago
Grant McNair
View ThreadSyncing Audio for a sequence that's already edited?
by Joe Bags 2 months ago
View ThreadSanken cs3e vs Schoeps 641
by Tom Smith 2 months ago
152 months ago
Ty Ford
View ThreadPluraleyes internal error code 4121
by Thaïs Burton 3 months ago
View ThreadThis option not available because there are no audio clips synched with video clips??!!
by Greg James 3 months ago
View ThreadHow to create new CLIPS from a Sequence given to me by PluralEyes? Has to be a way.
by Matthew Plourde 3 months ago
43 months ago
nat ives
View ThreadLast seconds of audio missing
by Urten Ekran 3 months ago
23 months ago
Urten Ekran
View ThreadSync multiple audio sources with video into multitrack quicktimes
by Ron Fya 3 months ago
33 months ago
Ron Fya
View ThreadSync long interview in Premier Pro CC
by cara holmes 3 months ago
View ThreadLogged Footage in Premiere, how can I Sync and keep the logging data?
by Joe Bags 3 months ago
View ThreadPluralEyes and corruption Premiere Pro
by Jon Collins 3 months ago
View ThreadPluralEyes Workflow
by Adrian Fach 3 months ago
33 months ago
Jon Frost
View ThreadSound sync nightmare w/Premiere or PluralEyes. I REALLY need assist. Project stalled with no hope in sight.
by Matthew Plourde 3 months ago
73 months ago
Matthew Plourde

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