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Eric Santiago
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Autodesk Maya

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View ThreadSplit object with large texture map to separate objects each with smaller texture
by David Henion 1 day ago
View ThreadNews: Chaos Group Debuts New Real-Time Ray Tracing Technology at SIGGRAPH
by Cow News Droid 1 day ago
View ThreadObject gone black after boolean difference
by Jasford Muldoon 6 days ago (new activity on August 13, 2018)
12 days ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadNews: SIGGRAPH: A New Approach to DIY, Full-Performance Motion Capture at Real-Time Live!
by Cow News Droid 1 week ago
View Threadprogressing as a beginner, where to look next.
by Jasford Muldoon 1 month ago (new activity on July 10, 2018)
21 month ago
Jasford Muldoon
View ThreadFountain in maya 2018?
by Zvi Greenwald 2 months ago (new activity on July 6, 2018)
21 month ago
David Henion
View ThreadHello how do i export the correct mesh (view 3 not view 1).
by John Smith 1 month ago (new activity on July 4, 2018)
11 month ago
Gary Cheung
View ThreadScaling character rig with hair/fur
by Gary Cheung 1 month ago
View ThreadPer-face UV mapping so that the shape of every face in UV space matches the geometry
by David Henion 1 month ago
View ThreadBest renderer for small studio?
by Gary Cheung 2 months ago (new activity on June 26, 2018)
42 months ago
Ken Geary
View ThreadI use Autocad to build web graphics.
by Noel Powell 2 months ago (new activity on June 24, 2018)
12 months ago
Zaiden Herrera
View Threadputting array in to textScrollList
by Supriyo Mukherjee 2 months ago
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