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View ThreadWhose line is it?
by John 'JJ' Silver 5 days ago
13 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadArticle: Creative COW Turns 15! A Celebration of Being Uncool
by Tim Wilson 1 month ago
321 week ago
Michael Slowe
View ThreadArticle: What Comes After Landing that Big Editing Job?
by Creative COW 2 weeks ago
View ThreadArticle: Navigating the Land Mine of Centralized Media Storage
by Dennis Kutchera 2 months ago
82 weeks ago
James Tucci
View ThreadAny Advice on What Could Be Wrong with this 16mm Camera?
by Jade Whitmire 2 weeks ago
View ThreadBlocking Before Coffee- webinar for Directors on preparing for the shoot day
by Don Starnes 3 weeks ago
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: NAB 2016 News, Wednesday Edition​
by Creative COW 1 month ago
13 weeks ago
jasmine peterson
View Threadusing sag talent for a non union film
by Matthew Chung 8 years ago
44 weeks ago
Paul Check
View ThreadDIY DCP for the indie producer
by Jonathan Bierman 4 weeks ago
24 weeks ago
Jonathan Bierman
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: NAB 2016 News, Tuesday Edition​
by Creative COW 1 month ago
11 month ago
michael jacobson
View ThreadEdinburgh Short Film Festival Submissions Now Open for 2016
by Paul Bruce 1 month ago
View ThreadTips for making a character drown?
by Bree Williams 2 months ago
111 month ago
Chris Wright
View ThreadArticle: Drones/UAVs, Cameras, and Beyond: Douglas Spotted Eagle
by Douglas Spotted Eagle 2 months ago
View ThreadMusic rights for a Doc about a Beatles tribute band
by Anna Tumurova 2 months ago
12 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadDocumentary authenticity
by Mark Hannant 2 months ago
12 months ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadArticle: Tuskegee Airmen 75th Anniversary: A Documentary Revisited
by denton adkinson 2 months ago
View ThreadHow documentaries record 'real life'
by Mark Hannant 2 months ago
View Threadhow do i get people to watch my films?
by Serena Aurora 2 months ago
View ThreadTwo Short films, Elsewhere and Mastery
by Misan Akuya 2 months ago
View ThreadMusic video using news clips. Is this fair use?
by Christoph Wieczorek 2 months ago
42 months ago
Mark Suszko
View Threaddocumentary main subject wants to back out
by ray verhoef 3 months ago
62 months ago
ray verhoef
View ThreadSammy Squid: Winter Cold Claymation
by Ben Reins 3 months ago
View ThreadProduction Insurance Question
by Matthew McGovern 6 years ago
83 months ago
Adam Deierling
View ThreadCan you edit background music OUT of an interview?
by Ashoka Mukpo 3 months ago
13 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadTranscription service?
by Rocco Forte 8 years ago
93 months ago
Concepcion Monico Garcia
View ThreadDefunct Amusement Park Doc
by Sam Lesante Jr. 3 months ago
View ThreadMedia wrangler on doc feature with AMIRA
by Andrew Migliori 3 months ago
View ThreadKeying and compositing in Nuke-- tutorial and template
by Don Starnes 3 months ago
View ThreadExploding Cow Animation
by Ben Reins 4 months ago
14 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadAmazing new archive of 1920s-1950s stock footage
by Amy Wilson 4 months ago
View ThreadArticle: Using Apple FCPX for A DocumenTree
by Michael Angelo 5 months ago
54 months ago
Michael Angelo
View ThreadQuestion about Festival Submissions for a 3 minute film
by Will Allen 3 years ago
44 months ago
James Furness
View ThreadDigitizing MiniDVs?
by Hannah Burhorn 4 months ago
24 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadOrder of Documentary End Credits
by Christina O'Sullivan 4 months ago
14 months ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadErrors and Omissions Insurance
by Brian Findlay 8 years ago
124 months ago
John Norris
View ThreadUsing Quotes in a Documentary
by Jeffrey Gould 4 months ago
84 months ago
Jeffrey Gould
View ThreadLooking for a documentary film maker interested in a film about American or Western Society
by Taylor White 4 months ago
View ThreadEditing foreign language documentary
by ray verhoef 10 months ago
14 months ago
Michael Dominic
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC; Remembering David Bowie; Editing Star Wars
by Creative COW 4 months ago
View ThreadComplicated Music Licensing Situtation
by Ashley Robinson 5 months ago
125 months ago
Joseph Miller
View ThreadNews: Statement From Steven Poster, ICG President, On Death Of Vilmos Zsigmond
by Cow News Droid 5 months ago
View ThreadUnderstanding the VFX Pipeline Course
by Jason Bell 5 months ago
View ThreadNews: Digital Cinema Show — Episode II Now Streaming — Interview with Robert Richardson, ASC
by Cow News Droid 5 months ago
View ThreadDoing narration interviews after principal shooting
by Marcus Gardner 5 months ago
65 months ago
Marcus Gardner
View ThreadWhat are the Copyright laws concerning News footage?
by Kate Lindsay 7 years ago
166 months ago
Sara Roy
View ThreadMy Melissa
by Van Lutz 6 months ago
View ThreadDocumentary??
by Kash unknown 6 months ago
36 months ago
Moses Mabonga
View ThreadIndustry Standard for finders fees.
by topher944 9 years ago
46 months ago
Tyler Jereczek
View ThreadFilm Documentary Contract
by Omar Gomez 6 months ago
16 months ago
Mark Suszko

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