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Indie Film & Documentary

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View ThreadExploding Cow Animation
by Ben Reins 3 days ago
13 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadAmazing new archive of 1920s-1950s stock footage
by Amy Wilson 2 weeks ago
View ThreadArticle: Using Apple FCPX for A DocumenTree
by Michael Angelo 2 months ago
52 weeks ago
Michael Angelo
View ThreadQuestion about Festival Submissions for a 3 minute film
by Will Allen 2 years ago
42 weeks ago
James Furness
View ThreadDigitizing MiniDVs?
by Hannah Burhorn 3 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadOrder of Documentary End Credits
by Christina O'Sullivan 4 weeks ago
14 weeks ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadErrors and Omissions Insurance
by Brian Findlay 8 years ago
124 weeks ago
John Norris
View ThreadUsing Quotes in a Documentary
by Jeffrey Gould 4 weeks ago
84 weeks ago
Jeffrey Gould
View ThreadLooking for a documentary film maker interested in a film about American or Western Society
by Taylor White 4 weeks ago
View ThreadEditing foreign language documentary
by ray verhoef 6 months ago
11 month ago
Michael Dominic
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC; Remembering David Bowie; Editing Star Wars
by Creative COW 1 month ago
View ThreadComplicated Music Licensing Situtation
by Ashley Robinson 1 month ago
121 month ago
Joseph Miller
View ThreadNews: Statement From Steven Poster, ICG President, On Death Of Vilmos Zsigmond
by Cow News Droid 1 month ago
View ThreadUnderstanding the VFX Pipeline Course
by Jason Bell 1 month ago
View ThreadNews: Digital Cinema Show — Episode II Now Streaming — Interview with Robert Richardson, ASC
by Cow News Droid 2 months ago
View ThreadDoing narration interviews after principal shooting
by Marcus Gardner 2 months ago
62 months ago
Marcus Gardner
View ThreadWhat are the Copyright laws concerning News footage?
by Kate Lindsay 6 years ago
162 months ago
Sara Roy
View ThreadMy Melissa
by Van Lutz 2 months ago
View ThreadDocumentary??
by Kash unknown 3 months ago
32 months ago
Moses Mabonga
View ThreadIndustry Standard for finders fees.
by topher944 9 years ago
42 months ago
Tyler Jereczek
View ThreadFilm Documentary Contract
by Omar Gomez 2 months ago
12 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadChange of camera?
by Christian Friis 3 months ago
22 months ago
Christian Friis
View ThreadCompelling new indie documentary about nomadic women in the Tibetan Plateau
by Irie Langlois 3 months ago
View Threadcopyright public domain photos in news broadcast
by Bryce Moose 3 months ago
33 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadOysters: The Documentary
by Hannah Burhorn 3 months ago
View Threadusing sag talent for a non union film
by Matthew Chung 8 years ago
33 months ago
Thakkar Nirali
View ThreadArticle: How Are You? No, really. Creativity & Mental Health
by Kylee Peña 4 months ago
174 months ago
Mitch Temkin
View ThreadWanting to include a newspaper article in my documentary
by Rob Cap 4 months ago
34 months ago
Al Bergstein
View Threadbest format for documentary
by Jim Watt 8 months ago
34 months ago
John smith
View ThreadFilming Television Screen of 29.97 Video with 24 FPS 16mm Film Camera...?
by Jade Whitmire 4 months ago
14 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadThe Documentaries which change your thinking
by Stuart Macadam 4 months ago
14 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadHow to credit a film editor after they have been let go/ replaced?
by Alex Tristan 4 months ago
14 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadFilmmaking Kit
by Marie Glisson 4 months ago
24 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadXiaome Yi Action Camera
by Stuart Tanner 4 months ago
14 months ago
Marie Glisson
View ThreadHow to credit the writer of the narration text?
by Jos Driessen 5 months ago
15 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadArticle: Editors on Editing, Emmys, and Everything Else
by Kylee Peña 5 months ago
15 months ago
Mitch Temkin
View ThreadArticle: Six Benefits of Microbudget Filmmaking - And How To Succeed!
by Gex Williams 5 months ago
75 months ago
Tony West
View ThreadIntroducing Postgenie, a cost effective, web-based color and retouching solution
by Chris Tomberlin 6 months ago
View ThreadDocumentary Narration Advice
by Kayla Kamp 6 months ago
66 months ago
Kayla Kamp
View ThreadIFC "Documentary, NOW!" begins tonight. You're mocked, but with love
by Mark Suszko 6 months ago
View ThreadProper End Credits Order when including a Stylized Credits Sequence?
by Ryan Printz 6 months ago
View ThreadQuestion about hosting a series of short docs on a newspaper website.
by Thackston Addy 6 months ago
26 months ago
Thackston Addy

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