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Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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 TopicRepliesLast Reply
View ThreadThe exponential greatness of the magnetic timeline in FCPX
by Steve Connor 3 months ago
643 months ago
Lydia Robertson
View ThreadExcellent FCPX workflow story
by Steve Connor 3 months ago
103 months ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadOT: stepping down
by David Mathis 3 months ago
83 months ago
David Mathis
View ThreadApple has lost the functional high ground
by Jeremy Garchow 4 months ago
623 months ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadFCP X destroying audio edits in XML output
by Oliver Peters 8 months ago
623 months ago
Brian Weber
View ThreadWhat to DO??? FCP, Premiere, still mad after all these years
by Laurie Pepper 4 months ago
253 months ago
Oliver Peters
View ThreadAudio Only cross fade in X
by tony west 4 months ago
933 months ago
Herb Sevush
View ThreadFusion 7 workshop on FXPHD
by Shawn Miller 4 months ago
14 months ago
David Mathis
View ThreadWhat are your NLE & kit plans for 2015
by Steve Connor 4 months ago
454 months ago
Dennis Radeke
View ThreadRedShark News: Opinion: Which are the best NLEs right now?
by Craig Seeman 4 months ago
2683 months ago
TImothy Auld
View ThreadSystem requirements fo 50p editing on iMac?
by Matt Sayles 2 years ago
124 months ago
giles elwes
View ThreadSyfy’s ’12 Monkeys’ Syncs With Philips Hue For Light Show
by Andrew Kimery 4 months ago
64 months ago
Michael Phillips
View ThreadAssistance in identifying an effect used in FCPX
by Damon Jackman 4 months ago
44 months ago
Marco Feil
View ThreadArticle: Don't Fight the Magnetic Timeline!
by Charlie Austin 5 months ago
364 months ago
Ndlela Nkobi
View ThreadLG Thunderbolt Monitor 21:9 UHD
by Keith Koby 5 months ago
84 months ago
Charlie Austin
View ThreadAvid now does 4K
by Oliver Peters 4 months ago
154 months ago
Tim Wilson

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