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Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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 TopicRepliesLast Reply
View ThreadOTish: Adobe Release
by Scott Witthaus 2 weeks ago
1201 week ago
Andrew Kimery
View ThreadChina? Yeah, China for gods sake.
by Bill Davis 2 weeks ago
452 weeks ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadMac Yosemite not importing Sony CX550 media - Any suggestions?
by Carson Church 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
David Gregorio
View ThreadAnother player enters.
by Jeremy Garchow 2 weeks ago
92 weeks ago
Bob Woodhead
View ThreadReally strange exporting problem
by Marinos Yiannakis 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
David McClellan
View ThreadBoy will this be a debate starter...
by Bill Davis 3 weeks ago
322 weeks ago
James Culbertson
View ThreadNews: Adobe Stock Launches Worldwide
by Cow News Droid 2 weeks ago
View Threadstill driving me nuts
by James Ewart 1 month ago
2882 weeks ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadOT: New version of Smoke - Smoke 2016 Mac
by Neil Sadwelkar 3 weeks ago
137 days ago
Ryan Holmes
View ThreadMedia 100 is making a Come back!
by Jim Wiseman 4 weeks ago
612 weeks ago
Robert Smith
View Thread5k Retina Imac purchase now?
by David Powell 3 weeks ago
53 weeks ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadApple software subscriptions in the future?
by Oliver Peters 3 weeks ago
243 weeks ago
Oliver Peters
View Thread10.21 Screen redraw issues
by Mitch Ives 3 weeks ago
73 weeks ago
Eugeny Korkhin
View ThreadOT: Interesting podcast from a former Avid product designer
by Scott Witthaus 3 weeks ago
223 weeks ago
Tangier Clarke
View ThreadMac Pro Speed at a iMac Price?
by Daniel McClintock 3 weeks ago
103 weeks ago
Chris Harlan
View ThreadThunderbolt 3 will be USB-C
by Craig Seeman 4 weeks ago
113 weeks ago
Andrew Kimery
View ThreadFCP X - Resolve - RED stupidity
by Oliver Peters 4 weeks ago
413 weeks ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadWhat news from the mac event today?
by Mark Suszko 3 weeks ago
183 weeks ago
Chris Harlan
View ThreadLong time editor's frustration with FCPX
by David Berez 3 months ago
1283 weeks ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadWildly OT... Film's not dead yet
by Charlie Austin 1 month ago
164 weeks ago
David Mathis
View ThreadGo to Cupertino to talk about FCPX
by Steve Connor 4 weeks ago
44 weeks ago
David Cherniack
View ThreadOT: Building a broadcast studio with Blackmagic and Bob Zelin
by Tim Wilson 1 month ago
254 weeks ago
Shawn Miller

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