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Apple FCPX Techniques

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View ThreadSetting Up FCP X keyboard for an Avid Editor?
by Scott Clements 5 months ago
192 weeks ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadFCPX/Neat Video/Resolve... To render out files or turn off?
by Simon Williamson 10 months ago
102 weeks ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadEl Capitan Metal performance
by Chris Stevens 2 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadAny way to just share a project without original media (FCP X10.2.2)?
by Tangier Clarke 2 weeks ago
272 weeks ago
Tangier Clarke
View ThreadFCPX Voice over issues
by Robert Parrish 1 month ago
42 weeks ago
Wayne Robbins
View ThreadBest iMac configuration for 1080p editing in FCPX
by Jason Ferris 3 weeks ago
92 weeks ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadDJI drone footage aliasing
by philip john 1 month ago
112 weeks ago
Michael Surcombe
View ThreadTriangle on Event but can't find anything missing
by Jonatan Lyssens 1 year ago
103 weeks ago
Guy Ross
View ThreadEditing RGB 4:4:4 footage from Canon C300 MKii
by Dan Hundley 1 month ago
815 hours ago
Bob Woodhead
View ThreadSync multiple audio sources with video into multitrack quicktimes
by Ron Fya 3 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Ron Fya
View ThreadCopy/Pasting an edited multicam sequence into a different project creates individual clips?
by Aaron Blanton 3 weeks ago
43 weeks ago
Aaron Blanton
View Threadusing FC backups to recover a project
by Craig Alan 3 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadTell FCPX which GPU to use. is it possible?
by Bleu Hayes 3 weeks ago
53 weeks ago
Eric Sternberger
View ThreadMonitor Setup for FCPX
by Alex Wishart 3 weeks ago
103 weeks ago
Jeff Kirkland
View Threadimport troubleshooting: 'leave files in place' not available
by inanc tekguc 3 weeks ago
121 week ago
Joe Marler
View Threadsyncing multicam clips taking aaaaaaages
by Tom Sefton 3 weeks ago
23 weeks ago
Tom Sefton
View ThreadSubtitles in FCPX, or extern program?
by Daniel Becker 3 weeks ago
33 weeks ago
Daniel Becker
View ThreadOffline // Online workflow for FCPX
by Elizabeth Perlman 4 weeks ago
294 days ago
Michael Angelo

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