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Apple Final Cut Pro

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View ThreadCinematic plugins for FCP7?
by Vanessa Lee 2 months ago
92 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadYosemite upgrade and FCP 7 does not recognize media
by Matt Kohn 2 months ago
62 months ago
Warren Eig
View Threadcapture old, OLLLLDDDDD 24p footage
by Keith Eyrich 3 months ago
222 months ago
Keith Eyrich
View ThreadUsed FCS 3. Things to remember before buying.
by Suraj Chandran 2 months ago
82 months ago
Suraj Chandran
View ThreadSony PMW-100 XDCAM, mpr.ewc2 files and importing to FCPX
by Alexander Freedman 1 year ago
52 months ago
Jane Kong
View Thread24 fps timeline, 24 fps 5D, 24 fps F5 footage, but the 5D falls out of sync
by Lis Bartlett 2 months ago
42 months ago
Lis Bartlett
View ThreadSONY creative software - any reccomendations
by Nick Meyers 2 months ago
51 month ago
Nick Meyers
View ThreadSevere audio distortion/noise coming through speakers
by Garrett Gibbons 6 years ago
272 months ago
Sean Nevins
View ThreadInstall 3rd party plugins into FCP 7 on Mountain Lion
by Michael Ogata 2 years ago
22 months ago
Damon Packard
View ThreadIs it possible to use a camera to convert analog to digital?
by hi focused 9 years ago
82 months ago
Sebastian Brameshuber
View ThreadBest SD to HD upscale solution? Trying to make 4:3 footage fit into a 16:9 film, seamlessly!
by Michael Lansdell 6 years ago
122 months ago
Tom Brooks
View ThreadChanging and/or disabling frame rate on audio files
by Marco Circosta Garcia 3 years ago
92 months ago
Jean-S├ębastien Beaudoin Gagnon
View Thread16:9 Digi Beta_ very basic doubt
by prathyush kumar 2 months ago
132 months ago
prathyush kumar
View ThreadMy Final Cut Pro 7 project takes about an hour to open
by Daniel Moran 2 months ago
22 months ago
Daniel Moran
View ThreadLivetype text animation without livetype
by Roberto Etcheverry 2 months ago
22 months ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadThere is no Apple ProRes option in Mpeg Streamclip
by Zachary Moore 3 years ago
122 months ago
Ben Surber
View ThreadSOS!!! Quicktime corrupted files
by Camilo Ramos 3 years ago
112 months ago
john kerry
View ThreadRelinking to RAW MTS files in FCP 7
by Matthew Halsall 2 months ago
72 months ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadDSLR video: color correction + exporting for web and for SD PAL DVD
by manuela barile 2 months ago
32 months ago
manuela barile
View ThreadIssues with Log and Transfering GH4 footage
by Jake Reeves 2 months ago
22 months ago
Rainer Wirth
View ThreadFinal Cut Pro 7 RED workflow problem
by james nickell 2 months ago
12 months ago
Rainer Wirth
View ThreadLibrary from BackUp wont load.
by Jaime Mexia 2 months ago
22 months ago
Jaime Mexia

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