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Apple DVD Studio Pro

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View ThreadWhat DVD Studio Pro book do you recommend?
by Serge Lebel 6 months ago
View ThreadI'm trying to burn a DVD on DVD Studio Pro but it tells me the Video Bitrate Too High
by Noam Osband 6 months ago
56 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadNTSC to PAL: Saving Menu Layout
by Peter Humble 6 months ago
26 months ago
Peter Humble
View ThreadLanguage codes for "english" and "english-2" must differ?
by Winston Cely 9 years ago
86 months ago
David Mackenzie
View ThreadBurning to DVD+RW
by Sam Lesante Jr. 2 years ago
16 months ago
Serge Lebel
View ThreadWtf Play Button?
by Bryan Colvin 6 months ago
36 months ago
Trai Forrester
View ThreadDevice Error Message - NOO!!!
by Ryan Larew 6 years ago
26 months ago
artyom. yershov
View ThreadDVD Studio Pro 4.1.2 works fine with Yosemite (Yeah!)
by John Rofrano 6 months ago
253 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadWill DVD Studio Pro work on Mavericks (and Yosemite)?
by Chris Newberry 7 months ago
94 months ago
Chris Newberry
View ThreadDVDSP 4 - Creating custom shapes
by Damien Wittmack 7 months ago
View ThreadLayer 0 too large even at 4.29gb?? (Feat. bonus "stuck breakpoint" bugfix!!)
by Dmitri Sled 7 months ago
27 months ago
Dmitri Sled
View ThreadDVD Studio pro won't burn playable DVD only data dvd
by Lewis Beach 10 months ago
237 months ago
Steve Wessells
View ThreadAdvanced overlay buttons for slideshow
by Rachel Simmer 7 months ago
View ThreadDVDSP having strange issues with new footage: not updating
by Alan Langdon 7 months ago
37 months ago
Alexander Kallas
View ThreadAudio level increasing after exporting from DVD SP but fine in the simulator
by Ryan Ritchey 7 months ago
27 months ago
Ryan Ritchey
View ThreadGetting pixelation when burning DVD
by Chris Woods 7 months ago
27 months ago
Chris Woods
View ThreadWanted to share with you guys a subtitle creation tool I made that can be used with DVD Studio Pro.
by Eric Wescott 7 months ago
View ThreadHow to get from DVD Studio Pro 4.1.2 to 4.2.1?
by John Rofrano 7 months ago
63 months ago
Jeff Swanson
View ThreadMissing Templates when opening DVD Studio Pro 4.1.2
by John Rofrano 7 months ago
17 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadDVD Studio Pro 4 from Final Cut Studio 5.1 Mac OS X Intel?
by John Rofrano 7 months ago
144 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadMoving subtitles from one track to another
by Guy Carmeli 5 years ago
48 months ago
Alex Asp
View Threadbutton over video disables remote controls
by Erik Bio 8 months ago
View Thread1920x1080p29.97 seq as 16:9 DVD gets sides cropped on some projectors
by Rosie Walunas 8 months ago
28 months ago
Rosie Walunas
View ThreadForced subtitle based on audio selection
by Jeremy Neish 8 months ago
View ThreadAuthoring 1920 x 1080 Media in DVDSP
by Marianne Morse 8 months ago
28 months ago
Marianne Morse
View ThreadAdding a slide before one track on a DVD
by Alexandre Brandt 8 months ago
28 months ago
Alexandre Brandt
View ThreadMenu - Leave a button colored after activation
by Rob Hazan 8 months ago
18 months ago
Alex Asp
View ThreadDVD Studio Pro 4 Playing multiple subtitle tracks at the same time.
by Ben Hellwig 9 months ago
29 months ago
Ben Hellwig
View ThreadDVDSP DVD plays on DVD Player. Does not read on computer.
by Dustin Rosemark 9 months ago
View ThreadWhy when compressing a 23.98 fps film to DVD compliant streams for with compressor for DVDSP does the resultant mpeg II file playback at 29.97 in everything except quicktime 7?
by Jimmy See 9 months ago
19 months ago
eric pautsch
View ThreadStory and Play All conflict
by Jeremy Handelman 9 months ago
59 months ago
Jeremy Handelman
View Thread2 language DVD creation question?
by anastasis lazos 5 years ago
129 months ago
George Roberson
View ThreadCant Choose SD
by Jason marcini 6 years ago
199 months ago
George McMorrow
View ThreadSubtitles for DVDSP + Vimeo (+ maybe other platforms in the future...)
by Christian Friis 9 months ago
View ThreadFrame rate/Standard for DVD's in Greece/Europe
by Christopher Grosso 9 months ago
49 months ago
Alex Asp
View ThreadTrying to burn Blu Ray using FCP 6.0.6
by Glenn Payne 10 months ago
310 months ago
Glenn Payne
View ThreadI need a script for subtitles
by Florian Fink 10 months ago
View ThreadScript for jumping to a specific menu
by Adam Maurer 10 months ago
110 months ago
Jorn Bergmans
View Threadexport settings for DVDs
by Libby Austin 10 months ago
310 months ago
David Miles
View Threadcompressing apple prores to sd-dvd
by kyutae kim 3 years ago
3810 months ago
Sam Eberle
View ThreadWhat is "Project Size" based on? Does "encode on build" compress audio?
by brianlaz 11 months ago
510 months ago
View ThreadDVD with different videos no menu
by Greg Ball 11 months ago
1111 months ago
Greg Ball
View Threadclose caption in DVDSP
by Sal Rodriguez 11 months ago
View ThreadDVD Studio Pro 4 and authoring HD DVDs?
by David Martin 12 months ago
1011 months ago
David Martin
View ThreadCrash while muxing menu with overlay
by David Heidelberger 12 months ago
712 months ago
David Heidelberger

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