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Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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View ThreadBatch assign multichannel audio Roles and rename components.
by Charlie Austin 18 hours ago
27 hours ago
Charlie Austin
View ThreadResolve 12 Pros and Cons
by Morten Ranmar 7 days ago
302 days ago
Oliver Peters
View ThreadFCP X to ProTools via DaVinci Resolve 12?
by Neil Sadwelkar 5 days ago
33 days ago
Oliver Peters
View ThreadI know we've all evolved but...
by Charlie Austin 4 days ago
43 days ago
Gary Huff
View ThreadResolve XII...
by Charlie Austin 2 weeks ago
983 days ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadI tested the 2014 VS 2015 Macbook Pro using both FCPX & Ppro and results show FINAL CUT X ROCKS!!!
by Max Yuryev 2 weeks ago
374 days ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadWould like an objective comparison of Adobe Premiere CC and Avid Media Composer 7
by Jay Soriano 2 years ago
414 days ago
Aro Korol
View ThreadThis Is Interesting
by David Mathis 6 days ago
264 days ago
Mads Nybo Jørgensen
View Threadlooking for a video that was posted here - maybe by Bill Davis.
by Neil Goodman 3 weeks ago
85 days ago
Claude Lyneis
View ThreadOT: SSD question
by Oliver Peters 1 week ago
176 days ago
Oliver Peters
View ThreadHawaiki Keyer 2
by Jeremy Garchow 4 weeks ago
156 days ago
David Veeneman
View ThreadResolve 12 demo video
by Ricardo Marty 7 days ago
View ThreadIt's Alive!
by David Mathis 1 week ago
177 days ago
David Mathis
View ThreadResolve XII available now...
by Gabe Strong 1 week ago
21 week ago
Bret Williams
View ThreadResolve 12 Beta is out
by Craig RussillRoy 1 week ago
View ThreadFinal Cut Pro X Audio Export issue
by Matthew Cook 1 week ago
11 week ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadRole-O-Matic 2
by Charlie Austin 2 weeks ago
62 weeks ago
Charlie Austin
View ThreadDell vs Apple
by Oliver Peters 2 weeks ago
682 weeks ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadFCPX to Resolve with RAW footage
by Scott Witthaus 2 weeks ago
162 weeks ago
Scott Witthaus
View ThreadAnyone using to collaborate remotely?
by John Rofrano 1 month ago
82 weeks ago
John Davidson
View ThreadImac 5K performance?
by Mauricio Lleras 4 weeks ago
222 weeks ago
Anders Utterstrom
View ThreadFCPX on a Macbook Pro
by Sean OBrian 3 weeks ago
82 weeks ago
Max Yuryev
View ThreadTutorial: Hawaiki Keyer 2.0: A Tutorial Introduction
by Simon Ubsdell 2 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
Palmer Woodrow
View ThreadThunderbolt 2
by Chris Stevens 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadDo FCPX freelance editors charge for your "Edit Suite"
by Mike Jeffs 1 month ago
792 weeks ago
Walter Soyka

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