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Apple FCPX or Not: The Debate

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 TopicRepliesLast Reply
View Threadplease explain the new business model to me
by Bob Zelin 3 days ago
5946 minutes ago
Don Walker
View ThreadWhy do users say FCP X is fast? Some new numbers.
by Bill Davis 2 weeks ago
871 day ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadOT: Fusion is now available for OS X
by David Mathis 5 days ago
172 days ago
Shawn Miller
View ThreadTime to change the forum names (episode 26)
by John Rofrano 3 days ago
93 days ago
David Mathis
View ThreadRandy Ubillos interviewed by Alex 4D
by Craig Seeman 5 days ago
93 days ago
Jeremy Garchow
View Thread3D Text in FCP X part feature - part platform.
by Bill Davis 6 days ago
35 days ago
Mathieu Ghekiere
View ThreadOT Logic Pro updated
by Steve Connor 6 days ago
16 days ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadGoing to IBC 2015? Check out FCP EXPO.
by Noah Kadner 2 weeks ago
27 days ago
Scott Witthaus
View ThreadResolve 12 Pros and Cons
by Morten Ranmar 1 month ago
351 week ago
jim bachalo
View ThreadTotally OT: The essence of this forum ...
by Herb Sevush 1 week ago
51 week ago
Herb Sevush
View ThreadOT: DCI 2K Flat question
by Oliver Peters 1 week ago
101 week ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadEditor Essentials Plugin
by Scott Witthaus 1 week ago
21 week ago
Brett Sherman
View ThreadMAM-a-jama at IBC?
by Oliver Peters 2 weeks ago
51 week ago
Jeremy Garchow
View ThreadInterchange - why leave XML out of the fun?
by Jeremy Garchow 2 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
Erik Lindahl
View ThreadFast - why leave AE and Motion out of the fun?
by Oliver Peters 2 weeks ago
142 weeks ago
Robin S. Kurz
View ThreadKeyflow Pro or Not...
by Robin S. Kurz 4 weeks ago
182 weeks ago
Robin S. Kurz
View ThreadFCPX 10.0.6 .fcpproject file wont open in 10.1.3
by Laura Fahrenheit 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadArticle: Orson Welles' Brief, Passionate Love Affair with Betacam
by Frank Beacham 2 months ago
102 weeks ago
Jim Wiseman

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