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Bill Davis
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Field Production

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View Threadtesting for dust on sensor; MBP as monitor
by Bob Cole 4 months ago (new activity on March 14, 2018)
34 days ago
Bouke Vahl
View ThreadHDMI video issue to monitors
by Justin Toney 2 weeks ago
View ThreadAnybody here selling stock footage? Either as a sideline or a main business....
by Tim Wilson 10 months ago (new activity on March 2, 2018)
262 weeks ago
Dennis Radeke
View ThreadArticle: A Vision For Stock Video Success: Daniel Hurst, VIA Films
by Daniel Hurst 4 weeks ago
View ThreadWhat are the fastest/faster 2.5" Laptop drives from 1-5TB or so?
by Rachael Busher 3 months ago (new activity on January 2, 2018)
12 months ago
Tom Matthies
View ThreadInterview filming suggestion
by Justin Toney 4 months ago (new activity on December 21, 2017)
53 months ago
Blaise Douros
View ThreadShooting footage inside a wall.. best work flow?
by Steve Berlowski 5 months ago (new activity on November 15, 2017)
54 months ago
Tom Matthies
View ThreadCapturing Audio for a Large Talkshow
by Anthony Hudson 6 months ago (new activity on October 2, 2017)
55 months ago
Anthony Hudson
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