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Bill Davis
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Mark Suszko

Field Production

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View ThreadNews: URSA Mini 4.6K and DaVinci Resolve Studio Used on Stunning National Parks Short Film Series
by Cow News Droid 1 week ago
View ThreadTutorial: Filming In Small Spaces
by Adorama TV 1 week ago
View ThreadPowering Anton Bauer, Core SWX 14.4 batt to Mac Book Pro 15" 2015 or later model
by Sam Lee 2 weeks ago
View ThreadElectrical Power solution for remote outdoor shoots?
by Bill Zowak 1 month ago (new activity on September 5, 2018)
32 weeks ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadAnybody here selling stock footage? Either as a sideline or a main business....
by Tim Wilson 1 year ago (new activity on August 5, 2018)
312 months ago
John Vlach
View ThreadNews: HITACHI Z-HD5500 Cameras Enable ‘Amazing’ Live Production Quality for Sardis Events
by Cow News Droid 2 months ago
View ThreadWant to do a building beauty night shoot with out without the moon?
by Jeff Herring 3 months ago (new activity on June 22, 2018)
63 months ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadExternal video recorder in 4:2:0
by Sebastian Fudali 6 months ago (new activity on March 28, 2018)
26 months ago
Sebastian Fudali
View Threadtesting for dust on sensor; MBP as monitor
by Bob Cole 10 months ago (new activity on March 14, 2018)
36 months ago
Bouke Vahl
View ThreadHDMI video issue to monitors
by Justin Toney 7 months ago
View ThreadWhat are the fastest/faster 2.5" Laptop drives from 1-5TB or so?
by Rachael Busher 9 months ago (new activity on January 2, 2018)
19 months ago
Tom Matthies
View ThreadInterview filming suggestion
by Justin Toney 10 months ago (new activity on December 21, 2017)
59 months ago
Blaise Douros
View ThreadShooting footage inside a wall.. best work flow?
by Steve Berlowski 12 months ago (new activity on November 15, 2017)
510 months ago
Tom Matthies
View ThreadCapturing Audio for a Large Talkshow
by Anthony Hudson 1 year ago (new activity on October 2, 2017)
512 months ago
Anthony Hudson
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