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click to view threadTutorial: Tips For Flying Drones In Cold Weather with Dirk Dallas   by Adorama TV on Jan 22, 2019 at 3:28:31 am

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View ThreadWhat's the Easiest way to create the lightsaber effect?
by Sa Dilshan 5 days ago (new activity on January 18, 2019)
13 days ago
Blaise Douros
View ThreadPhoto scanner for documentary work
by Matt Tarpley 1 month ago (new activity on January 14, 2019)
21 week ago
Matt Tarpley
View ThreadND Filters or Polarizing Lenses for Mirrorless Micro 4/3 Cameras? Which would you recommend?
by Ryan Togioka 1 week ago
View ThreadAvoid Banding & Supplement Existing Light in Airplane Hangar
by Adam Worth 1 month ago (new activity on December 26, 2018)
54 weeks ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadSD card woes
by Michael Pella 1 month ago
View ThreadArticle: George H.W. Bush Yelled At Me For Making Him Look Bad On TV
by Tim Wilson 2 months ago (new activity on December 3, 2018)
122 months ago
David Mathis
View ThreadEquipment advice — A good monopod for a gimbal (Ronin S) ?
by Jacob Giacometti 2 months ago (new activity on November 29, 2018)
42 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadCharging Batteries: leave on charger or no?
by steve hobbs 3 months ago (new activity on November 8, 2018)
22 months ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadBest pro camera for audio
by Adrian Smith 3 months ago (new activity on October 30, 2018)
13 months ago
Blaise Douros
View ThreadQuestion to shooters: earbuds etc.
by Ty Ford 3 months ago (new activity on October 16, 2018)
43 months ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadNews: CP Communications Powers Triathlon Coverage with IP Streaming and Bonded Cellular Networking
by Cow News Droid 3 months ago
View ThreadNews: Framestore Conquers El Capitan in 360° for National Geographic Documentary Films’ Free Solo
by Cow News Droid 3 months ago
View ThreadNews: URSA Mini 4.6K and DaVinci Resolve Studio Used on Stunning National Parks Short Film Series
by Cow News Droid 4 months ago
View ThreadPowering Anton Bauer, Core SWX 14.4 batt to Mac Book Pro 15" 2015 or later model
by Sam Lee 5 months ago
View ThreadElectrical Power solution for remote outdoor shoots?
by Bill Zowak 5 months ago (new activity on September 5, 2018)
35 months ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadAnybody here selling stock footage? Either as a sideline or a main business....
by Tim Wilson 2 years ago (new activity on August 5, 2018)
316 months ago
John Vlach
View ThreadNews: HITACHI Z-HD5500 Cameras Enable ‘Amazing’ Live Production Quality for Sardis Events
by Cow News Droid 6 months ago
View ThreadWant to do a building beauty night shoot with out without the moon?
by Jeff Herring 7 months ago (new activity on June 22, 2018)
67 months ago
Bill Davis
View ThreadExternal video recorder in 4:2:0
by Sebastian Fudali 10 months ago (new activity on March 28, 2018)
210 months ago
Sebastian Fudali
View Threadtesting for dust on sensor; MBP as monitor
by Bob Cole 1 year ago (new activity on March 14, 2018)
310 months ago
Bouke Vahl
View ThreadHDMI video issue to monitors
by Justin Toney 11 months ago
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