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Apple FCPX Techniques

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View ThreadCombining projects in FCPX
by Mark Corrigan 1 week ago
143 hours ago
Joseph Steiner
View ThreadCorrect workflow - Libraries or events?
by Guille Ibanez 1 day ago
45 hours ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadOffline // Online workflow for FCPX
by Elizabeth Perlman 3 weeks ago
295 hours ago
Michael Angelo
View Threadwhich graphic card on new iMacs
by Craig Alan 2 days ago
28 hours ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadSuper basic question: can I make different folders within an event for different projects?
by Noam Osband 12 hours ago
19 hours ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadRender a crossfade on a new iMac 27 inch 5K Retina
by Adam Berch 11 hours ago
19 hours ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadCan't get green screen and alpha channel combination to work in FCPX
by Robert Esmonde 10 hours ago
19 hours ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadFCPX Project Missing; system restarted during File > Share
by Bill Rabkin 1 day ago
213 hours ago
Bill Rabkin
View ThreadChange Text size in Browser & Inspector
by Adam Berch 1 day ago
11 day ago
John Davidson
View ThreadCan i export multiple clips at once from the Event Viewer?
by Noam Osband 3 days ago
81 day ago
Jeremy Garchow
View Threadoptimizing MacPro for fcpx
by Jacob Lowers 4 days ago
22 days ago
Jacob Lowers
View Thread"Ungrouping" Compound Clips in timeline
by Eddie Adams 3 years ago
102 days ago
Robert Jenkson
View ThreadChanging background color on title slides FCPX
by Mark Corrigan 3 days ago
52 days ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadFirst and Second Displays are Switched
by Lenny Zuber 1 month ago
72 days ago
Lee Olsen
View ThreadMac Mini with 8 Gb RAM for slave export and rendering Compressor, FCP X
by Sam Lee 4 days ago
53 days ago
Sam Lee
View Threadreveal in finder option greyed out for compound clips, render files disappear, library is from backup
by chris walker 3 days ago
33 days ago
Jeff Kirkland
View Threadimport troubleshooting: 'leave files in place' not available
by inanc tekguc 2 weeks ago
124 days ago
Joe Marler
View ThreadEditing different clips to timeline repeats same clip over and over
by Michael Angelo 4 days ago
24 days ago
Michael Angelo
View ThreadLibrary size management
by Williams Cole 6 days ago
54 days ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadHarware requirements for editing Pro Res on FCPX
by Michael Cawelti 7 days ago
74 days ago
Michael Cawelti
View ThreadCorrupt Library, How to move Event?
by Kenji Green 5 days ago
15 days ago
John Rofrano

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