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Jeremy Garchow
Jeremy Garchow
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gary adcock
David Battistella
David Battistella
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Kevin P McAuliffe
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Walter Soyka
Jeff Kirkland
Jeff Kirkland
John Rofrano
John Rofrano
Noam Osband
Noam Osband

Apple FCPX Techniques

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View ThreadX to 7 and R3Ds
by Eric Santiago 2 days ago
956 minutes ago
Jeremy Garchow
View ThreadHow often does autosave actually autosave?
by Noam Osband 3 weeks ago
124 hours ago
Jason Watkins
View Threadsorting clips
by James Wood 13 hours ago
39 hours ago
James Wood
View ThreadHow can I import MXF files to FCPX? MXF by sony xdcam
by Chranny YeoHyeon 5 days ago
415 hours ago
Chranny YeoHyeon
View ThreadEditing RED files using proxy media in FCP X
by James Wood 2 days ago
41 day ago
James Wood
View Threadcompressor X question
by jason levy 4 days ago
41 day ago
jason levy
View ThreadMerging Projects
by Allan Fowler 3 days ago
61 day ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadSound track faint green 'ghosting' effect?
by Brian Thomas 3 days ago
51 day ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadConvert Canon footage to ProRess 422 HQ for editing?
by Tina Mascara 2 days ago
12 days ago
Mark Smith
View ThreadHow should I think about importing 3TB's worth of AVCHD footage into FCP X for a long term project?
by Noam Osband 4 days ago
62 days ago
William Streeter
View ThreadBest Logging App In the Field?
by Chad Greene 1 week ago
42 days ago
Michael Sanders
View ThreadIsn't there some way to create a subclip?
by Mark Morache 4 years ago
103 days ago
Ben Edwards
View ThreadCan I apply the remove hum audio enhancement from just a section of a clip?
by Noam Osband 2 weeks ago
43 days ago
Simon Billington
View ThreadHow to import .pjt multitrack audio into FCPX?
by Ned Thorne 3 days ago
13 days ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadTwo files from one
by ed johnson 3 days ago
33 days ago
ed johnson
View ThreadFCPX Best Media Management with Editors on Both Coasts
by Sarah Wilson Thacker 3 days ago
13 days ago
Anders Utterstrom
View ThreadSnap controls in mask
by David Hudson 3 days ago
View ThreadReducing noise in an image
by Mack McLaughlin 3 days ago
33 days ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadConverting 60i to 24p: Twixtor or FCP X's process?
by Noam Osband 5 days ago
53 days ago
Doug Metz
View ThreadFCPX 10.2.1 : can't relink external managed proxies
by David Coiffier 4 days ago
View ThreadArticle: PluralEyes: Fast & Easy Connections for Video & Audio Clips
by Bill ONeil 5 days ago
54 days ago
Jonas Bendsen

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