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Apple FCPX Techniques

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View ThreadMulticam audio editing - multiple tracks on one angle hassle
by Bob Woodhead 14 hours ago
32 hours ago
Bob Woodhead
View ThreadEditing Interviews Workflow with Multicam
by Suzi Piker 4 days ago
43 hours ago
Suzi Piker
View Threadfcpx keeps quitting unexpectedly
by Jenn Lindsay 8 hours ago
16 hours ago
Jeff Kirkland
View ThreadResizing Filter in FCPX
by Sascha Engel 11 hours ago
110 hours ago
Jeff Kirkland
View ThreadBest Sharpener Tool for FCPX
by Sascha Engel 6 days ago
1311 hours ago
Sascha Engel
View ThreadFCPX Library gets corrupted after export
by Juan Luis Lopez Fons 19 hours ago
513 hours ago
Jeremy Garchow
View ThreadQuick way to change title attributes to numerous titles at once
by Sascha Engel 2 days ago
1117 hours ago
Bret Williams
View ThreadAudio Split Tracks in FCPX
by Christy Smith 1 year ago
381 day ago
Girshon Rutstein
View Thread360 view and 6 Go Pros with fcpx
by Anthony Kobrowisky 3 days ago
12 days ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadHow to eject camera?
by Jonny Cates 3 days ago
23 days ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadSuggestions on speeding up renders of generators from Motion?
by Tangier Clarke 3 days ago
13 days ago
Bret Williams
View Threadadd edge to PNG logo in FCPX
by Matt Westport 4 days ago
23 days ago
Lawrence Eaton
View ThreadAbout XML's
by Mark Smith 1 week ago
63 days ago
Mark Smith
View ThreadCreating camera/ card archive and pre-reformatting safety measures
by Jenn Lindsay 4 days ago
34 days ago
Andreas Kiel
View ThreadBest way to integrate transcripts with FCP X?
by Noam Osband 5 days ago
24 days ago
Andreas Kiel
View ThreadWhere should I save my cache and back up files?
by Megan Brown 4 days ago
104 days ago
Jeremy Garchow
View ThreadAudio waveforms not showing up
by john younger 4 days ago
View ThreadEffect: Playing a 25fps clip back with less fps
by Sascha Engel 5 days ago
95 days ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadAudio Ghost After Deleted Clip
by Greg Ondera 6 days ago
55 days ago
Jeremy Garchow

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