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Compaq Evo W8000 1.7Ghz Prozessor Upgrade to 2.8Ghz 512Kb L2 400Mhz (Prestonia SL6M7)

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Martin Weidner
Compaq Evo W8000 1.7Ghz Prozessor Upgrade to 2.8Ghz 512Kb L2 400Mhz (Prestonia SL6M7)
on Apr 27, 2014 at 9:30:59 am

Hey 844X fans,

I bought cheap at ebay a so called "matched pair Intel Xeon SL6M7 2.8Ghz 512Kb 400Mhz L2" (Compaq/HP) for my old Compaq Evo W8000 with 844X.

I build in the 2x 2.8Ghz Xeon into the Compaq Evo W8000 succesfull and the BIOS found & accepted it easy - showing at BIOS startup 4 Prozessors (0, 1, 2, 3).

The previous 1.7Ghz 256Kb L2 (Foster SL5TE) was compared to the 2.8Ghz 512Kb L2 slow with all signs for final retirment.
The programs work with 2x 2.8Ghz - Hyper-Threading possible & enabled - much faster and as examble Adobe Premiere CS2 provides much better & faster workflow including high-quality video preview - it's the same with all other programs.

Importing files over Import-Menu into a bin with 844X Media 100 pogram is slow as before, but the 844X program and exporting files is faster.

I can recommend the 2.8Ghz Sockel 603 Modell Prestonia SL6M7 for all that give value to their Compaq Evo W8000 844x.

Things happen.

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Andrew Mehta
Re: Compaq Evo W8000 1.7Ghz Prozessor Upgrade to 2.8Ghz 512Kb L2 400Mhz (Prestonia SL6M7)
on Nov 23, 2014 at 5:35:36 pm

Glad to hear you got a performance boost from the upgrade!

I don't have a 844/x, but am a Media100 fan, and have always been curious about the product, given all the hype around it when it first launched.

What's it like, running it these days?

I've also started a Facebook Group, after Marcus Warren on the Media100 and Media 100 HD forum suggested it.
Feel free to stop by, and tell us what it's like using an 844/x...! =)

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Martin Weidner
Re: Compaq Evo W8000 1.7Ghz Prozessor Upgrade to 2.8Ghz 512Kb L2 400Mhz (Prestonia SL6M7)
on Nov 23, 2014 at 7:18:41 pm

Thanks, the 844x runs well and also the lost PCI-sound is back generated now from the digital AES/EBU.

In October I bought for 310$ a used Motu V3HD ( and attached it with Kramer HD-SDI In/Output cables to the Media 100 844x junction box. For the audio 8-channel I bought a D-Sub 25-Pin digital 4x AES/EBU male / 4x AES/EBU female (ca. 100$ - called Tascam-cable) to connect the Motu's V3HD D-Sub 25-pin In/Output to the 844x digital In/Outputs - and it works fine.

I connected the Motu v3hd with Firewire 400 to the Compaq Media 100 844x PC using a PCI-card that has 3x USB 2.0 & 2x Firewire 1394 400 ports and installed the Motu video software that are 3 components for Windows XP:

1. Video console let you controll all video settings that can be choosen also with buttons on the Motu v3hd's front panel. Examble "SD-SDI input" video for playback 844x or "Composite SD" for record from a dvd-player that is connected to the Motu v3hd "Composite Input".

2. Audio console let you choose audio specific settings like In/Output sources, frequences and much more.

3. Cuefix console is like a mixpult and let you choose & set audio In/Output channels & levels. Profiles can be saved for fast access.

I also have Premiere Pro 2.0 (is CS2) working with the Motu V3HD but can only use it for video/audio capture because the Motu software is programed for Premiere Pro CS3.1 and higher. The result with the Premiere Pro 2.0 (CS2) is, that the Preview for playback over the Firewire 400 & Motu v3hd HDMI to a 3. monitor can't work because the drivers & plug-ins are for CS3 only.

That's the limitation with CS2 or older and I will get the full advantage from the Motu v3hd with a ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 3 MASTER COLLECTION that I bought "new" for 210$ 16th Nov 2014 at ebay USA from a software reseller. I wait for the product dvd thats shipped with air mail and then install it & replace the whole Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium CS2.

With the CS3 Suite I have Premiere Pro CS3 and I will it update with a free donwloaded Adobe Update Batch to Premiere Pro CS3.2.

This version is very good for HD video/audio and supports DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, uncompressed 8/10-bit, XDCAM HD & Ex and all the P2 stuff.
AVCHD (not supported, needs CS4) is - following information found in http://www - not a professional format and this way I don't miss it.

The Motu v3hd is with Adobe Premiere Pro 3.2 100% compatible and videos in Premiere can played for preview without rendering to a 3. monitor connected to the Motu v3hd over HDMI - I use 3x Wortmann Terra 22' Widescreen - 2 monitors are for the Compaq DUALSCREEN over Matrox G550 DVI and the other is for preview purpose while capturing oder playback connected to Motu v3hd by HDMI.

The Motu v3hd can upscale and downscale HD/SD and playing back SD-video from Media 100 844x program - that is upscaled to HD - has the same high-quality as it was captured & shown at the 3. monitor.
You see no difference and it is the same pristine quality.
The 844x is a high quality NLE system that's only problem is the missing HD funktionality - but for the HD workaround I will use the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.2 that is installed at the same Compaq computer.

The only problem with the Media 100 844x installation is, that it needs Quicktime version 6.52. Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 was very well because it needs also Quicktime version 6.52, but with CS3 Premiere Pro installs Quicktime 7.15 and with CS4 Premiere Pro installs Quicktime version 7.6x.
Because I found information that CS4's Quicktime version 7.6x creates errors using 844x, I decided to upgrade to CS3 only.
Second, the CS4 needs much more RAM & Processor Power and has not THAT MUCH FUNCTIONALITY that would make me HOT FOR CS4.

The Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection has a lot of software applications that was high-tech in 2007 and is also today for professional home user good enough.

My Media 100 844x was cheap - I bought it for 150 USD from a reseller - invested some hundreds USD for 2GB RAM, 2.8Ghz dual xeon processor, hard-drive, PCI-card with Firewire 400/USB 2.0 and some utilities like the Adobe programs.
You can find 844x systems that are out of usage but old hard-drives can be expensive if you must replace them. You can find used SCSI-harddrives at ebay, but I bought 2 that have not been worth the money and I trash away (100$ lost).
Good SCSI-harddrives can be found at ebay for 20$ each and they are constructed for 125000 PowerOnHours - thats 20 year non-stop operation.
A SCSI veteran told me, that SCSI-harddrives are for non-stop operation and are much better with higher life-time expectations than the IDE-stuff, because they are build for 24/7 server usage.

I found at the IDE-harddrive information that my Compaq Media 100 844x has now 40 days of operation - and this way its a young system I like very much.
As examble, my Sony laptop from 2004 with 2.7Ghz P4 has 50000 PowerOnHours / 5 year operation and works well.

Good luck finding your 844x

Things happen.

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Martin Weidner
Re: Compaq Evo W8000 1.7Ghz Prozessor Upgrade to 2.8Ghz 512Kb L2 400Mhz (Prestonia SL6M7)
on Dec 4, 2014 at 9:22:32 pm

I took the step and updated on my 844x the QUICKTIME PLAYER 6.5.2 to the last version 7.7.6 and found that Export/Import with Quicktime is so much faster than with older versions.
I have no problems and think that for 844x the Quicktime Player is a "modul" that it could use also with newer versions as long as the commands & interface stays the same.
With Qt 7.7.6 some older compressor are no longer installed by standard, but while installing Qt you get a message and can option for additional install support for "pictures viewer" and older file types/compressor.

Things happen.

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