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Monitor Preview crashing the computer..

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Monitor Preview crashing the computer..
on Jul 20, 2005 at 10:40:07 am

I have an annoying problem when enabling preview in After Effects 6.5,
for example:

If I use the monitor with After (by enabling it in the preferences) and
close after without disabling it, on the next time I'll open after I'll
be unable to preview anything (a popup message says that After was unable
to enable the monitor when loading).

I'll have to go in the preferences, disable the preview, close After, open After,
go in the preferences, enable the monitor and then it will works.

Well this is the least of my problems to be honest, I've been doing this
so many times that I'm used to it.

Now here is the problem that really embarassed me:

I'm using 844x and decide to close it, I open After and enable the preview
everything is working just fine. I disable (as usual) before closing After
the preview and re-open 844, everything is normal. I close 844 and re-open
After, enable the preview and after 1 or 2 minutes of work After will crash
or reboot the computer (without asking me to save anything..), if it reboot
the computer, windows will be unable to load and will show me the loading
picture for hours without doing anything else. So I'll have to savage shutdown
the computer and in the next reboot it'll tells me that I have encounter a
serious problem and the system has recover blablabla.. but nothing is damaged
and I'm able to work again.

So I must reboot the computer after using 844 just after After Effects or else
it will do this for sure. (lots of time consuming to wait for booting each time)

Another problem is that if I'm working for hours with the preview enabled
after will be unable ('bad command: bad parameter') to work normally. If I
disable the preview it'll work just fine.

It's really anoying, there is no particular place for this problem here in the
844x thread, but it's the Media 100 monitor that is bugging the whole system.

Am I the only one to encounter that kind of problem?
is there any solution?

I'm working under XP Pro SP2, Media 100 844/xe 3.0.4 and After Effects 6.5

Thank you for your answers.

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Douglas Wagner
Re: Monitor Preview crashing the computer..
on Jul 20, 2005 at 12:36:26 pm

This isn't a help but I suspect that AE 6.5 was never tested and certified to be compatible with the 844/X software or hardware. Also be careful about upgrading your Quicktime as well. 844/X may not funtion properly with a version of Quicktime newer than what was included with the software. Forget upgrading to Quicktime 7 when it becomes available. This also means that the 844/X may have problems importing files created with newer Quicktime when using certain codecs that may have been modified in the newer version.

My solution was to install After Effects on a separate workstation connecting it to the 844/X via Gigiabit Ethernet.

VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

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Re: Monitor Preview crashing the computer..
on Jul 20, 2005 at 12:59:04 pm

Thank you for your answer!
Well I was also guessing that maybe it's a compatibility problem with
the hardware of 844/x and After Effects 6.5 (cause if I remember right
the previous version of After didn't made that problem) so I believe
you are absolutely right about new codec/software/update etc..

It'll certainly have compatibility problems. I have another workstation
next to the Media 100, if I do not find any solution to display preview
with After on the Media 100 maybe I'll certainly do what you said.

But I still hope i'll find a solution to work on a single workstation
(Media 100) to gain time.

Thanks again.

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John Ward
Re: Monitor Preview crashing the computer..
on Jul 21, 2005 at 3:49:41 pm

We were having the same problem in AE. What worked for us was
to make sure that we set video preview in AE preferences to
'Desktop' before shutting the program down. When you open it
the next time, change it to 844 preview before you open your
project. And ALWAYS set it back to desktop before you shut
down AE.

If you forget (which we still do all the time), you can trash
the AE preference file to get back into AE.

Good luck

John Ward
Editor / Animator,
Synergetic Productions

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Re: Monitor Preview crashing the computer..
on Jul 22, 2005 at 1:08:24 pm

thank you for your answer! well that is what I was telling in the first
post with my bad english (sorry) that if I don't disable the preview on
the monitor by setting it to Desktop, I would be unable on the next time
I load After Effects to preview on Media 100 Monitor.

Yesterday a really strange thing happend, without using 844/x at all I
loaded After Effects and enabled the monitor, the computer instantly crash..
damaging my work on After Effects and making the ae file corrupt.
(to be honest I was really upset and I had to re-make was I did, fortunately
I had no hurry on the deadline but I'm wondering what would happen if I had
to give it on the same day..)

I'm thinking about leaving the Media 100 when it concerns works on After Effects
and work on other workstation, or maybe I'll try to contact Adobe if any patch
or something will be availabe for us in a near future.

This week was really messed up with After and Media 100 monitor, I hope i'll find
a fast solution for this cause I can't work properly in this condition.

Thank you, I hope someone will find what can I do
best regards.

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weird events..
on Jul 26, 2005 at 3:02:46 pm

well It still continues on its way on bugging, I uninstalled AE 6.5 and
re-install it again to check if something would changes. Until now no
crashes/savage reboot/freeze happen, but after an hour or so AE is doing
weird things, without monitor previewing it disable layers.

What do I mean by that is that it shows on the timeline that everything
is normal but in the preview window layers are missing, I reload AE and
everything is normal until another hour or so. It does this when I enable
and disable the monitor (after a few close/open of AE and 844/x)

Maybe we spotted when it started doing all this problems, two weeks ago
we updated 844/x to the last version. I'll try removing 844/x and install
the previous version maybe it'll works after that.

Anyone has this problem with the last 844/x ver?

Thank you for your help,
best regards.

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