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Why 844/X ...

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Espen Olsen
Why 844/X ...
on Apr 1, 2005 at 12:19:21 am


1. Scaling images with an alpha channel gives you a nasty black halo at the edges. This was reported around v 1.2 and hopefully it was to be fixed. *cries*
2. Matte tool is a complete laugh, if you plan to do more than a static matte. Use After effects for a 1243567000-percent speed increase (may be less)
3. Titlemotion... dont get me fkin started.
4. Curve editor ... cant move both scale parameters at the same time ... Big friggin DUH!
5. OMF import blows. Never been succesfull in importing an omf from either Avid nor Final Cut
6. OMF export must be f*cked. Making an OMF from a 20 sek commercial with 3 audiotracks created a 90 MB+ OMF (!)
6. EDL import flaky.
7. XML import from Media100i had me throubleshooting for several hours before audio-import worked (nice - same company)
8. Sometimes crashes when you close a project or choose save all (too funny - makes you really secure at your work)
9. No proper backup routine. Look at Discreet Smoke/Flame. Move it to Digibeta with all timecodes and cliplink intact
10. Doubleclick and accidently keep pressed the wacom while moving an audio-node/opacity and it will crash.
11. Inferior trim-mode
12. Interface - grey and boring
13. Add loads of minor and major stuff. I'm sure the list will get to around 30.

1. 4!!!! 10-bit video-tracks with loads of parameters working in real time.

Shit, it has revolutionated the way we work. Our Avid Mediacomposer hardly sees any work. Our 2 Media100i's which were favored for their prestine picture quality is now off-line/web surfing machines.
(they still rock for off-line-editing tho)

Optibase ... Bad move.

Espen Olsen

Lyd & Bilde as
Oslo, Norway

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john buck
Re: Why 844/X ...
on Apr 1, 2005 at 7:19:28 am


i feel your pain
i too purchased 844x with a strong history between my company and media 100 and my reseller,adimex. a rock solid hardware and software partnership for 6 years. and no-one could have forecast this outcome. if i had been that fearful i would still be on Beta SP and dial up internet

back then i needed to plan for onlining in 10bit to compete with avid and then onto HD to beat avid, so i bit the bullet and bought 844 at the top price. i regretted that move after the first year when the OMF/XML issues were never resolved,let alone oversized graphic import or proper matte creation.
and then it all slid and fell, got lifted up by some at optibase and then dropped again in january.

sadly the 844 as we know it is dead.
its unlikely someone will revive the system but you never know.

the Mac HD system is very very good and i believe the HD SW version when delivered will also be very powerful.

i goes on and we must make best do with our available tools. perhaps we could encourage Optibase to allow us 844 users to trade in our systems and get a very very special one off return to Mac replacement?????


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Aaron Johnson
Re: Why 844/X ...
on Apr 1, 2005 at 2:03:16 pm

And dispite all those shortcomings it only takes the #1 "Rocks" to overcome all the others.

It just makes me cry.

REL Productions
Des Moines, IA

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