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Mohamed Mahmud
Final Cut Pro 7
on Oct 4, 2017 at 3:43:15 pm

My Mac Book crashed because of overheating. We opened it, reset the batteries and continued editing on some footage that we had already captured on the computer. After editing a video piece, I exported the video into .mov. I further converted the video to mp4 so that I can send it to an FTP Server. My newsroom downloaded the clip but they told me that the clip was dropping frames. Can someone assist me in understanding why it was dropping frames and where the problem is? Is it on my side to change the settings of the editing software final cut? Please assist.

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Nick Meyers
Re: Final Cut Pro 7
on Oct 4, 2017 at 11:50:51 pm

possibly you exported or converted with the wrong frame-rate?
from FCP export as Quicktime Movie, Current Settings


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Jimmy See
Re: Final Cut Pro 7
on Oct 5, 2017 at 7:46:36 am

Would probably need more details to help with this. A lot depends on what 'Dropping frames' means. When I come across the term is usually referring to frames that exist and are for whatever reason not playing back correctly, ie. 'dropped'. In circumstances like that, it's unlikely the file itself that has something wrong with it, or at least, isn't missing any frames. In such cases it would be an issue with the system attempting to play it. That would mean the file was okay in that it is not corrupted or anything, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is 'correct' in terms of meeting the requirements for the equipment and software the newsroom is using, so again, more details would help because if they gave you any specific requirements for what they wanted and you haven't met them then that might be the problem right there.

Then again, they may be using the phrase 'dropping frames' in a less specific way, the file itself might look 'jerky', or have black frames, or jump unexpectedly no matter where or who is playing it which would mean something went wrong in the export process. Have you played the mp4 file on your computer, does it look normal to you? What about the mov file? If they look normal to you, that indicates it's more likely something going wrong with their equipment or setup, or that you've delivered something out of their specifications, if they have any, and that's why it isn't playing properly.

To help with this you'd need to provide some of this information as a start:

  • 1. What's the frame rate of the project? Is that the same frame rate as your export settings?

  • 2. What steps did you take to export the '.mov'?

  • 3. What steps did you take to export the '.mp4'?

  • 4. Did the newsroom guys give you any specifications for files delivered on the FTP? What are they?

  • 5. Could you get the newsroom people to be more precise in their description of dropped frames? Can they provide timecode references where it's happened so you can check them on your end?

  • 6. What were the specs of the mp4 you created?

  • 7. Have you tried creating a compression for the FTP server using the .mov and different compression software other than FCP7? Handbrake is free and works well for creating h264 Mp4 files.

  • 8. Can you deliver the mov to the newsroom at all? Or is that too impractical? If the mov is okay but the mp4 isn't, then maybe you can just give it to them on a hard drive or eventually over FTP (but probably pretty slowly). This might save you the effort of finding out what has gone wrong.

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