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Final Cut Pro or Adobe? Which one should i learn????

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Imtiaz Gafoor
Final Cut Pro or Adobe? Which one should i learn????
on May 7, 2014 at 8:01:47 pm

Hey guys,

I'm interested in your opinion on whats better to edit and market videos for simple uses like Youtube to some basic Business--Final Cut pro or some Adobe Software?

Please weigh in with your opinion and help me understand how to begin using the one you think is the best.


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Mark Suszko
Re: Final Cut Pro or Adobe? Which one should i learn????
on May 7, 2014 at 8:35:05 pm

I'm going to be a little off-topic before I answer your editing question.

IMO, If you're doing it right, there is is nothing "basic" or "simple" about "business videos". Not saying this is you, personally, since I don't know you, but when I hear "basic", it's usually code for: "too lazy and un-involved to bother making quality work, assuming that viewers and customers have no taste for, or recognition of, quality work".

Or maybe I'm just having a bad jar day. Zelin doesn't have a patent on those.

A "business video" is a meaningless term without some qualifiers, but any kind of marketing communication, B2B or B2C, needs attention to details and standards to have a hope of being successful. We do see a lot of stuff described as "business video" for marketing, or product description or customer outreach or "training", that thinks it looks authentic to have no production values, shaky camera work, crummy lighting and sound, because the "home movie look" carries some kind of sense of authenticity.

No, it doesn't; it just looks like the makers don't care and don't care to try. And it tells me by example that your overall operation is shoddy and your quality, poor, so why would I spend good money on your products or services?

And if that's the case, you don't need any editing software more sophisticated than Windows media maker or iMovie. Because the brand of software never makes the real difference in these projects. The level of care and craftsmanship does.

To your original point now; my honest answer is that you should learn both, at least try their free trial periods, and then decide which you like best. You will be spending a lot of time with the software, so you should try them all, and find the one that seems like the best fit with your individual style and needs. Even if other choices are more powerful in some way, the software you like and spend the most time with, is the one you master best, and mastery of any platform, beats middling ability with something more powerful, that you can't really wield properly.

FCPX and Adobe Premiere and Avid, etc. have more in common than not. But, are the parts one does "better" than the other, relevant to the work you will do most? What's the market like in your area? Does it make sense to use the same platform everyone else uses, so you can bring in freelancers and temps to help you get over a short hump? Conversely, if everyone locally is on one platform, don't you want to also know that platform, so you have a marketable skill to bring in extra work when THEY need someone?

Finally, editing is more than learning and owning the tools. Editing is ALL about WHY and WHERE you cut, not so much what you cut WITH.

Editors that make money, are paid for their eye, ear, and ability to tell a story by creatively sequencing images and sounds. Just knowing what button does what effect, is not as important a skill: a monkey can be trained to press a button, but he doesn't know what's BEHIND that button. If you know premiere, you can learn FCPX in a week or less, and vice - versa. People hiring editors want to see if you know how to tell a story, first.

Thanks for your patience in reading my rant.

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Todd Gillespie
Re: Final Cut Pro or Adobe? Which one should i learn????
on May 7, 2014 at 10:04:56 pm

Mark you're posts are always entertaining and a little insightful.

To add onto Mark's comments, I came to a similar junction a couple years ago, (as did most editors who'd been using FCP) and tried Avid, Premier, and FCPX. As Mark eluded to, it's wasn't so much about the tools in each program has, since they're almost all the same, but rather how our projects need to go into the software and get delivered out of the software. That made our decision easy to make.

Good Luck,

Todd at UCSB
Television Production

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