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buying final cut pro 7 through the net

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nili breuer
buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Mar 11, 2012 at 5:09:31 pm

What is the best way to buy final cut pro 7 today?
By the apple store they don't sell it any more, and in sites like ebay or amazon I saw some boxes with a sticker of "academic" on them and a sticker of "academic - not eligible for upgrades". Do both of the stickers mean i could not upgrade or only the second one? I want a version I could upgrade later.
Is it safe at all to buy the software through the net?

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Neil Patience
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Mar 11, 2012 at 6:38:32 pm

Apple did put FCP Studio back on sale in September last year but only though its telesales. However they did say it was for a "limited" time.
So I would ring Apple sales direct and see if you can still buy it.
You can only buy the full version and I believe it was around $900 US.

However in terms of upgrades to FCP 7 - there are none, FCP 7 is OEL and will not be developed any further.

If you buy or have FCP 7.0 the ProApps upgrades to 7.03 are still available on the Apple website. Thats as far as you can go.

In terms of buying from the net then it really is "buyer beware".

If you can be sure that you are getting a full version with the license then it is legal under the license terms to buy it.
In that event you should be fine.

So basically FCP7 is dead, stuck at V7.03. You will possibly be fine with that for a couple of years depending on what you want to do.
However at some point (possibly Mountain Lion) the OS will no longer support it.

So for a temporary solution FCP7 will be OK but if you want something you can upgrade further look at FCPX, Avid or Adobe or whatever your NLE of choice happens to be.

best wishes

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nili breuer
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Mar 11, 2012 at 7:14:50 pm

Thankyou Neil.
I'm not interested in the pro-x because I heard it has alot of problems.
I'm working now on the pro7 at my friends house and I'm very satisfied.
From what I understand from you, there won't be any more upgrades to the pro7. So if I want to continue working with final cut (and not with avid/premier) I could buy an academic version because anyway I don't have a way to upgrade...?
Or maybe it is better to wait a few months and see what is going to happen with the software? (did apple declare that they won't make any more upgrades or you know the information from other sources?)
Thanks again.

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Neil Patience
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Mar 11, 2012 at 8:16:32 pm

Apple announced the end of FCP7 when they released FCPX. So there will be no more upgrades.
I guess if you could buy a version 7 Academic version that would be fine but to be honest I am unaware of the limitations of that so I cant really advise you there.

It is true to say that FCPX was not met with universal approval. If you work in the broadcast world or the film industry then it did lack many of the features that are needed. However Apple have released a couple of updates which have addressed some of those issues and there is no doubt it will continue to develop.
Time will tell if that area of the industry embrace it.

There are quite a few people here who have worked with it succesfully and depending on the work you do and the workflow you need you may find it suits you more than you think.

I would download the demo and give it a try, then decide if you feel its for you.

The problem with buying FCP7 is that you are at a dead end. Sooner or later either the OS will not support it or there will be camera formats that you want to use that it does not support.
How long that will take is anyones guess but in terms of the future, sadly FCP7 does not have one.

best wishes

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Ethel Jones
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Aug 16, 2012 at 1:41:05 am

Hi Neil. Thank you for your helpful insight on Final Cut Pro. Like the previous guy, I too was told about the horrors of Final Cut X. I have Final Cut Pro 6 Academic and want to purchase Final Cut Pro 7. The editor I am working with advised me to get Final Cut Pro 7. Since I have Academic should I buy Final Cut Pro 7 Academic only? Or the version that says Upgrade because I am upgrading from Final Cut Pro 6? And as you suggested, to be safest, we should purchase from Apple to ensure we can use the license? Sorry for the amateur question! Thank You.

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Cindy Huerta
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Jan 22, 2013 at 6:35:31 am

Hi, I'm Cindy, from Chile, I'm wondering something, of what I read I suppose that you will buy a new licence the pro 7. What are you going to do with the old academic version? Would you sell it? or just throw it away? I'm trying to develop a long term project. Try to teach english in Pichilemu, Chile, in a more massive way, and I think that through videos I could have more results. Let me know if you are interested in helping me if it isn't late. I haven't found a reseller for Final Cut here in Chile and I have seen that even if I get one is out of my budget. I've been given a small budget for my project, which I will spend in a student and teacher licence of Adobe CS6, and in a camera, a projector, etc. In Chile we say: "En pedir no hay engaƱo": "There is no deceit in asking for something", so I dared to write to you just, in case, Thanks a lot.

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Robin Kemp
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Oct 17, 2013 at 8:44:55 pm

Hola, Cindy,

If you are using Mac, then you can probably get by with iMovie and putting videos on YouTube/Vimeo/or DVDs/USB drives or similar. If you are using a Windows machine, you can search online for free or inexpensive video editing programs. Try these:

If this is for broadcast in Chile, you need to consult with local editors at the TV station about the many technical details involved, and you may have to work through many layers of production bureaucracy. If you just want to show a large group one video at a time, you can also plan what to shoot beforehand, shoot it all in order, convert the video, then post that to YouTube or another online service.

Storage is one of the big issues with doing your own video. So is formatting for broadcast: PAL, NTSC, SECAM? HD or SD?

Again, it depends on your Internet connection speed. I know that the Internet in parts of Latin America (Ecuador, Cuba) can run quite slowly, or at least it did a couple of years ago. I don't know about your situation or how you plan to get the lessons to the students. Can you say more about that?

Whatever tools you choose, go with whatever is easiest. Editing and shooting video are full-time jobs, and you won't want to spend all your time editing one lesson!!! I am CELTA certified in teaching English as a second/other language, by the way, so appreciate the challenges you face. Remote language learning is less effective than face-to-face learning, but it's better than nothing if you are trying to reach remote areas. Others have done it before so there's no reason why you can't succeed!

You are a very ambitious maestra!

Buena suerte,

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Jack Brown
Re: buying final cut pro 7 through the net
on Nov 8, 2012 at 11:00:08 pm

There will NEVER be any more Upgrades for Final Cut Pro 7. It has officially been discontinued. However many Editors like myself are hanging onto their copies of 7 because Final Cut Pro X has discontinued a lot of very useful features that we loved in FCP7. I have both on my computer and use both for professional editing depending on the job but to be honest, my first choice will ALWAYS be Avid Media Composer. For every reason.

If you like FCP7 then buy it and keep it. Eventually Apple will probably stop supporting it but you can get around that by NOT UPDATING the Operating System until you check that the new version supports it. Do that and you can keep it 'til your dying day :)

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